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If you were to read a list of all the problems with Mass Effect 1, you'd be forgiven for thinking it was a below average action RPG. The frame rate drops horrendously in combat sections; there's a huge amount of texture pop in; there are tonnes of glitches; the inventory management is terrible; the loot system is boring; planetary exploration in the Mako gets dull very quickly; side missions re-use assets over and over again; the shooting feels unsatisfying and poorly fleshed out; the different classes don't feel very unique; I could go on. But if you play this and accept it's many shortcomings, you'll be treated to the best sci-fi RPG on the Xbox 360 and one of the best space operas ever made. This game is defined by its writing and world building. The story isn't entirely original - mysterious aliens want to destroy the universe and you and your team need to stop them - but the game does a good job of making you feel central to developing narrative. You build your character at the start of the game and can make some decisions about the player's background and class, which will have minor effects on the story and combat respectively. The lauded interactive dialogue system gives you the chance to build your character as a good guy (Paragon) or a dickhead (Renegade) and various missions can have wildly different endings depending on your actions. The writing really shines in these scripted sequences and an equal amount of effort has been put into the hundreds of entries in the Lore Index found in the menu. As the first game in a trilogy, ME1 has the task of setting the universe up, and the writers delivered with a plethora of aliens, each with their own culture, politics, weaponry and history. However, the alien races really shine in the context of their history with each other, and humans as well. The Salarians engineered a biological weapon which is causing the slow extinction of the Krogan; the Turians were involved in a controversial war with the humans which both sides refuse to forget; the Quarians built an AI which turned rogue and now threatens to destroy the galaxy. The game is at its absolute best when these interactions are woven into the main narrative. However, to get the best understanding and feel for the universe possible, you'll need to exhaust all dialogue options and complete all side missions. The side missions in particular can feel like a slog: it's certainly worth it though. I've avoided talking about the combat as there's honestly not a lot to say. It's nothing special and merely serves as a way for the player to experience the story. There are plenty of things more important than the combat that the game absolutely nails. As much as it pains me I'll have to skim over for the sake of brevity - the cast of characters you meet throughout the course of the game are memorable and diverse, the ending feels suitably epic and leaves the story open for a sequel without a silly cliffhanger, the soundtrack (by Jack Wall) is evocative and chilling in places, and the voice acting is superb. ME1 is the epitome of the phrase "greater than the sum of it's parts". I'd love a remaster but I don't trust whoever handles it with preserving the atmosphere of the game. When Bioware is inevitably dissolved by EA, this is how they should be remembered. Not for Destiny or Andromeda, but for their telling of Shepard and his crew, and how they took on the end of the world.
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