Local Co-op Games

Local cooperative multiplayer is a game mode in which two or more players can play the game together and cooperate against the AI as allies rather than rivals. This mode is the best accustomed for a group of friends or a family that share one game device and a single screen. It is often found in party games, platformers, beat 'em ups, and RPGs. Most consoles include a second controller to allow a local multiplayer, most turn-based games allow the players to take turns. The main downside of the local co-op is that the players often have to share one screen, if they're not using LAN. Some games use split screen for the local co-op while some others do not allow the players' characters to move away from each other on a distance longer than one screen. In some local co-op modes, one of the players becomes the main player, and the screen follows him or her, while the other player controls a secondary character.
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