Games with great endings

Created Jan 13, 2019 by derprinku
Some games have endings that leave you in awe, shocked, crying, terrified. Others make all the pieces fit together in a satisfying reveal. Some of them, simply turn the awesome factor to a 200%. This is a collection for all those memorable final acts!
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NIER screenshot
    10/10 made me crawl into a ball and cry
      Anyone who's played INSIDE will know without a doubt why this games' first on the list.
        For me, it's Little Inferno's ending what turns it from a fun and satiric time-waster into one of the best indie games of the decade.
          The last sequence in ABZÛ has some of the most beautiful real-time rendered images I've ever seen on a videogame. This, together with the soundtrack, make of its ending one to remember.