Going Through People's Things

Created Apr 2, 2018 by Rineux
Games where you explore other people's houses, disregard common decency and go through private stuff that's none of your business.
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The Norwood Suite screenshot
    I don't even about this one. But you pose as a hotel employee so people give you their room and locker keys under false pretenses, which you irresponsibly take advantage of constantly.
    Marie's Room screenshot
      You really need a safer password if you don't want me to snoop around on your laptop, Marie.
      Dead Secret screenshot
        This game makes you hide from someone trying to stop you going through all their things several times. Also, you get some sort of anti-privacy goggles that reveal where the juicy stuff is hidden. Neat…
          Has you rummaging through several houses and apartments, often in full view of their respective residents. You know no shame.
          The Long Dark screenshot
            You can wear other people's underpants that you steal out of their homes, and it's *advisable* even.
              The Painscreek Killings screenshot
                At least one guy's REALLY not happy about you rummaging through his stuff. Plus, READ ALL THE DIARIES!
                Serena screenshot
                  Should've kept out of that armoire, but a bunch of those private diary pages I just stole from a complete stranger were pretty racy.
                  Tacoma screenshot
                    Not a house or a mansion but a space station, but you're still going through some *very* personal stuff and that's basically the whole game right there.