What I bought at Steam Summer sale

Created Jun 22, 2018 by iBarin
If you can't decide what to buy on sale, check my list, maybe you like something. If you have any ideas that will suit my taste, suggest below.
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Sonic Generations screenshot
    I'm sick of usual platformers, because I saw too many of them. But here is a mix a modern sonic and a bunch of references. I think it pass to be replacement for Sonic Mania.
      Just cheap. :) Plus, it reminds me of a Quake 1 with its crisp pixel textures.
        Awesome mech co-op tower defence. You grow your machine fron simple war machine into Collossus with giant canons! Double Fine made a good game, there have to be sequel some day.
        Heat Guardian screenshot
          I want to support the developer and check the game, made on the engine, which I use myself.
          EARTH DEFENSE FORCE 4.1 The Shadow of New Despair screenshot
            I bought it for a co-op. Flying around the city and crush hordes of bugs should be fun.
              I would like to have this game on Switch more, but judging by the news its not gonna happend.
                I hope mechanics will be interesting and different in this one.