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In this collection, we will go over all cool mechanics you can find in games. In general, I will try to keep it short, with about one or two mechanics mentioned per game.
It is very likely that said mechanics will -not- be the main mechanic of the game. Instead, the focus is on finding the little things.
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May 6, 2018
League of legends has a very simple but effective UI system in its client.
Instead of supporting just one way to make things work, they support *all* ways. This is so that players can never be confused about what the right way would be, since everything just works first try!

For example; if my friend wants to play with me, all I have to do is create a lobby and:
A) He can click the join button in his friends list
B) I can drag him from my friends list into the lobby to invite him.
C) I can click on his name in the suggestions.
D) I can click the "Invite" button and use the various search functions there to add him.

Lastly, a little neat detail that I'm sure 99.9% of the players never notice is that if you select a game mode when creating a lobby, the icon will actually move a little. This is to provide unconscious feedback to the player that his "click" was registered!
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Apr 7, 2018
This card game uses many different mechanics to keep the game interesting. And even though I personally did not like the game, I cannot deny it had a great system in place for gaining cards!

- at this point, all players of gwent know what I'm about to tell you ;) -
In Gwent you earn packs by completing all kinds of missions and quests. Alternatively, you can just play the game and earn some as well. (It is first given to the player as currency, that they can then transfer to packs)

So, when the player then opens the pack, it will show you a bunch of cards. After that, it will show you a section of three -better- cards. The player gets to pick one of them to keep.
This makes the player feel as if they have agency. With this system, you'll never have to fear getting an utterly useless card again! Now all cards can be chosen so they fit one of your existing (or planned future) decks :D
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Apr 7, 2018
Albion online; aka Grind the Game.

In this MMO, you are grinding your way through various tiers to earn money.

In this game, you spend hours clicking on nodes to get the resources from them, to then bring them to the city and sell them. At least, that's what you do if you go down the route of being a harvester.
Now, in other MMO's. The nodes for these resources would be static. But Albion's having none of that! Instead it moves around the nodes for resources every now and then.

While this sounds really "small" and "unimportant", it actually makes for quite a few interesting things to consider as a player:
- Where did the node go?
- What's the best spot to get nodes of these types right now?
- Is it still worth to go to that specific place, now that the location's changed.

In some cases, the nodes might get really close to each other. This would then add one extra layer of options to the game, as PVP is enabled in big chunks of the world. These node hubs would be a good place for player killers to wait for careless gatherers!
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Apr 5, 2018
Transistor is a story driven turn / action based game.

In this game, you lose one of your abilities if you die. To get it back, you will need to make extra progression in the game.
While this might sound like a horrible idea, it actually is not! You are given a large array of weapons to use and you can only equip four at a time.

By removing one of the abilities you have equiped, players are forced to consider others, making for more interesting gameplay. It might just be that the player discovers a better combo this way!

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Plenty of options here!
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Apr 5, 2018
Titan quest is a ARPG in which you try to save the world from the forces of evil in a mythological setting.

This game does something really cool with the way classes work. In most RPG's, you only get to pick one class and a (race (smaller class bonus at best)). In Titan Quest, this is not the case.

All players are human. There is no "Subclass". Rather, you unlock a complete second class at level 10.
This is one of the few games that executed the class combination systems properly.
By giving the player 3 points to spend each level up, they ensure players do not feel bad about spending it in two skill trees at the same time. If you'd been given only one, it would have likely caused players to spend it all on one tree.

Titan Quest Anniversary Edition in What's cool about...? - 1
You can have TWO classes!
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Apr 5, 2018
Pony island is a game were you try escape from a weird game called... pony island. It is very much a game about games. If you are not a player that has played a lot of games before this one, you probably will not get most of what they are doing here!


Are you gone yet? Good. Stay away you player that has yet to play this game! *hisss*

There is a section where you are tasked by NOT looking away from a character.
The game will then fake sending you steam messages from one of your friends, even going as far as to steal their profile picture to do so! If you respond to the message, the game will know and you lose.

Overall, this has to be the most memorable moment in pony island for a lot of players. Still, this is a very clever way to make sure your players dont forget about your game.
Note; this only worked because Pony Island is a meta game. If it was not, it would just have bothered the crap out of me!
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Apr 5, 2018
Echo manages to make their world feel real by changing the enemies.
In this game, you are chased after by an army of clones that copy your moveset. This means that if you run, they can run, if you shoot? They'll kill you.
Now, if you have NOT played the game yet.

Are you gone yet? No, but you havent played the game. Go play it! Seriously!

In this game there is a section where you lose the cube. All enemies suddenly stop attacking you. They simply follow you for a bit. They turn into Ai that has lost its purpose. When they find out another AI stole the cube, they all rush after that AI. Trying to murder the one holing the cube so they can have it.

This is a powerful moment, as it changes the perspective of the player from "The AI is my challenge, and I need to traverse the level", to "The AI is 'AI', and they have their own wishes and goals".
No longer will the player be able to see them as just a game opponent, all of a sudden, the world of Echo got a little more real.

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(You really dont want to use your gun like this.. Just say'n ;) )
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Apr 5, 2018
In this Visual novel meets sports game, you sometimes end up stuck.
"Crystal sage"
"Yada yada yada"

There are simply too many names, places and events to remember. Luckily, Pyre has just the thing for you!
Every time they mention a place (For instance: Commonwealth), they light that text up in a different color.
Now, if you take your mouse and hover over that text, a small textbox will appear to show you what they're talking about. A little reminder so to speak!

This mechanic allowed the writers to put wayyyy more jargon in the text than they normally could. After all, new players can just read what the characters are referencing!

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