Developed by Square Enix

Square Enix is a video game developer based in Japan. The company has been renamed three times with it firstly being just Enix, then just square and the merged name came only afterward. The organization is 43 years old. This is also a sizeable economic corporation bearing 17 subsidiaries some of them are famous studios like Eidos Montréal. The team is principally famous for Final Fantasy series — one of the most extended ongoing games originating in 1987 and making it to the last game in 2018; Kingdom Hearts franchise which is crossover RPG with entangled lore stretching out through the multiple games with hundreds of in-game story arcs; and even some Mario-related games. Despite being the profound (over 100 titles overall) developer, Square Enix also publishes games — given all of the titles the company laid hands on, the list expands to a few hundred games.