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What is 8 Batch?

8 Batch is a Magic 8 Ball style app completely made in batch. If you're unfamiliar with batch, its a "simple" script file that is made up of a series of commands that are executed in a command-line interpreter, like command prompt in windows, that is stored in a plain text file. Batch has been around since the DOS days and is till available in Microsoft windows today, so i decided to make something simple like a magic 8 ball, nick named 8 Batch, with animations and all. The ASCII art was made
by me and the animations where made frame by frame with some custom colors to spice it up a bit.

That's all?

Well besides the asking of a question and getting a randomized answer part, I've added custom colors, animations made from ASCII art, and some Easter eggs with some cool animations, that are activated when you ask specific questions. See if you can guess them without peeping into the batch file.

Why did you even bother making this?

Well really I'm working on a game made completely made in batch, with animations and all, without any external software, this is just a "prof of concept" i guess, and to see how Itch.io works and all of that.

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Last Modified: Feb 14, 2020

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