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Looking for Help
Hello,​This is my first time playing a city builder and I am loving it. However, I have been struggling with the layouts in the campaign. I find myself not planning ahead and leaving empty little spaces. Could you please provide a guide/video which explains how to build accurately?
Model building
Any hope to have a true Sandbox Model village/world Diorama build it mode?
Anyone try stacking Ubisoft 100 coin 20% discount code on top of current 20% discount?
Want to scoop this game during the current sale but not sure if the discount code will work/stack considering the game is still a few days under 3 months since release.
Blueprints impacting building counts
Anyone else having issues with blueprints impacting your building count? I have islands where say only two buildings are constructed and two blueprinted yet building count would say 4.
Project Beautify - Every island owned decorated head to toe with no need compromises - The Old World
Harbor Area of my final Old World Island - LondonSome of you may have seen my screenshots sprinkled over the last few weeks and thought to yourself "he's got a hidden ugly production island somewhere fueling this insanity". Unfortunately not, thanks to many of you who's inspiring and beautiful words of encouragement fueled my drive to create, my journey in the old world comes to near completion. This post will contain my favorite screenshots from my 8 old world islands, an overall world screen for proof that it's actually every island, as well as some assorted information. ​The lowest need values in the entire empire are both contained on the island in that screenshot above, with variety theater in 12 residences lowering down to 76%, and a single worker residence with a church at 96%. Otherwise every other island is all needs fulfilled 100%.​Due to some redesigning of my New World production chains to meet my supply needs to the T (pun intended) population info will be updated once I make the new world post within the next week. Give or take a few engineers/investors due to final touches and trade route optimizations - Farmers - 4350Workers - 10421Artisans - 7271Engineers - 18000Investors - 20000​Old map seed (pre-anarchist) - 1 All pirates hard/traders onAI - Bente, Mercer, Hunt​Before screenshot paradise let's get the cat out of the bag, modsNature Ornaments Mod - Currently Unreleased but is where 80% of the trees and ornaments you see on each island come from. Keep an eye out for it if you enjoy making beautiful islands as it contains the tools to rebuild natural forests from scratch and much more!Spice it up! 2.2 I use the land depots and additional warehouses, electric line removal, zoom, ornament addons, zoo/museum change, southern rivers reduced, harbour area, and ship diseases spreading enabled.https://www.reddit.com/r/anno/comments/bsplur/mod_modern_and_expensive_powerplant/ - To get the exact effect I did this is a must, you can balance this further by increasing oil use. This also serves as a very hard nuke to my economy since while increasing the range it also has a 50k maintenance cost. (With no investor farms this is a surprisingly steep cost)​Screenshots will be islands smallest to largest​Starting Small, one of my 2 small islands - Bretcaster My 2nd small island - Deddenbury Unfortunately I forgot to do this before I started setting up my new world. This is the unadulterated old world as well as my measly looking resident income. My empire is fueled by sales from excess good production not it's citizens. The population here will NOT match the stated numbers above because of the coffee/chocolate/cachuc/cigars being redesigned in the new world. Ghostfire's Nature Ornaments mod in full display on my third island - New Orleans - Notice the promenade with no dark green base texture​An industrialized cattle farm on New OrleansRolling countryside from the first island I finished, Wales. This island contains the least refined methods of design but I enjoy looking at every bit as much as the others. My first decorated trade unionOne of my favorites - Antioch, everything for this island just happened to come together perfectly and I couldn't be more happy with the result.Museum area on AntiochThe 2nd Island I created, Lisbon. This one was a learning curve and played with a lot of ideas that I would refine in future islands. The grain fields on the right side of the island is one of two sacrifices that I made due to time constraints (I really just wanted to finish this so I could get off this broken save-game)Since the firsts tests and implementations Ghostfire's upcoming Nature Ornaments Mod has come a long way, this area on Lisbon was created using the mod in it's very early stages, before it could even be considered an alpha. For nostalgia sake I left it untouched after I had updated and it still looks amazing.Back to London, the last city finished and represents a culmination of gameplay knowledge gained from previous builds. Marcel Forcas's ResidenceMy Investor Island and biggest time sink - New YorkFar side of the island - I deleted my worlds fair when I was taking some screenshots a few days ago and decided to leave it as is until the project was completely finished. (symbolism and all that) If you didn't see my post yesterday every single tree is placed using the Nature Ornaments mod. This island was previously an AI's and was completely barren.This overhead of the central area shows the borderline insane amount of detail that went into each investor block. Every need thanks to sneaky town hall usage is at 100%.Train StationShopping stripMore Exclusive members club.If you made it this far thank you so much for looking through my work! New world post will be in the next few days as well as a gameplay and design guide so that anyone interested in replicating what I've done here may do so without pumping the 100s of hours in. If you want to see more of the journey to these islands be sure to check out the original post (link below) Happy Annoing!​https://www.reddit.com/r/anno/comments/c1di7e/what_if_you_beautifiedeverything/
Changing setting after game is created
Is it possible to change the game settings in a middle of the game? The pirate annoy me and I would like to remove them.
This is what happens when you press "o" in first person.
Beryl's quests
You know that quest of Beryl where you lose 3 rep if you do it, I heard that if you do it you get +6 rep so I did it and I actually got -3 rep :/
Notifications when something is greatly decreasing..
This might overload the notification bar but i feel like this would be a good addition if for example my beer runs out fast on island A or B. This happens a lot that goods are suddenly emtpy because there is so much to look after. Trade routes, quests, building shit ofc.. and so on ... " your xyz is running low on island B pls have look..." i know there are the articles but at that time its already too late i feel.Any throughts? Yay or nay?
Anno 1800 Gameplay Guide - Town Halls
The extraordinary buffs and range adjustments that can be slotted into Town Halls are among the least explored facets of 1800 . Something that discourages a lot of Anno 1800 players from building aesthetically or efficiently are the ranges on public services, or the hassle that comes with setting up additional trade routes and production lines for different residence types. This guide should help newer players grasp the often overwhelming complexity of town hall mechanics, and aid experienced players in utilizing game play elements they simply haven't had the time to explore.​So why do these values matter? What's the point in investing the influence to help your world residents lead happy lives so they can consume metric tons of assorted goods? Range is helpful for building aesthetically or decreasing maintenance costs overall, but what most of you don't know is the happier residents get the better gifts they give you. Within the first 20 hours of my beautify everything playthrough my 50+ happiness workers had given me two old factory bells (better than the oxford bell that's a sumptuous worlds fair reward) and a wide assortment of other insane items. In addition to this, I'm 90% convinced that the average happiness of your entire old world empire contributes to better anarchist defector gifts as well (If you have mercer in your game). As I also have received at least 20 legendary trade union items and countless epics.Happy workers = Happy Annoing Town Halls have the same influence cost as trade unions, and a larger radius. Depending on what items you place within the 3 slots they will affect residences and/or public services. Again similar to trade unions they cannot overlap, but due to the increased radius placement is more forgiving. All book items too my knowledge are sold by Eli Bleakworth and Sir Archibald Blake.The various item values that can be adjusted are as follows; Each of these has various different applications however the most useful I've found are the values in bold below.​Public ServicesResidencesAs aforementioned, happy citizens = better gifts + more festivals = better access to endgame items. The book items below (most easily attained through purchase at either Archibald or Eli Bleakworth's trading islands have less potent rare variants that can be used during the earlier stages of the game. The items I find most useful for increasing happiness are the following​​Here are my favorite happiness enhancers visualized, with a few legendary items that can be acquired later in a play-through.https://i.redd.it/amd3n4vbg5a31.jpgFor aesthetic builds these are the items I see underused the most, there are 0 reasons to compromise on need importance when your public services (church, bank, marketplace etc.) can hit the other end of the planet (figuratively) through item enhancements. To drive this point home here are two screenshots of absurd ranges enabled by using NPC sold or easily attained items.​That bank in the center hits every single investor residence at 100% and extends quite bit farther from this highlighted residence in the bottom left.I removed the HUD here for a clearer view of the various range enhanced services. The marketplace (highlighted near the harbor in the bottom right) hits the highlighted worker residence at 100%. The church also near the right side harbor also provides a respectable 86% to that same house. What may be even more impressive is that university in the center of the city (near the bank) provides 100% university need to all of those engineer residences. Bear in mind these are not perfect grid style roads, winding paths and asymmetric intersections litter the island. ​My favorite range increasing items;​Here are those items and a few extras visualizedThose are my two favorite legendary items that increase range and can be applied similarly in concept to the super buffed marketplace mentioned above.Self explanatory, these are items that supplement needs through either base effects or build x to receive y and z. Building an extremely profitable (and beautiful) trading empire can depend on careful use of these items. Here are my favorites;Here are my picks visualized with a couple othershttps://i.redd.it/4sqti55h87a31.jpgIf you made it this far I applaud your dedication to my dreadfully dull explanation of such an important and interesting aspect of Anno 1800! If you enjoy this content or would like to see more be sure to follow and let me know in the comments! I'm open to editing and adding if this gets a positive reception as well as diving into other aspects of gameplay. Happy Annoing!​Link to my project beautify post which showcases these items in use! https://www.reddit.com/r/anno/comments/cclz60/project_beautify_every_island_owned_decorated/
Same Map every Time. (Question/Bug)
Tl;dr: I Always get the same map in Sandbox even though i rerolled the seed multiple times and restarted 3 times. What to do?​So yesterday I came back from vacation and wanted to play a game of Sandbox so i loaded my usual Sandbox Settings (No AI, no Pirates, everything on easymode basically) and got into the game.Now the problem is the map looked eerily familiar, turns out it´s the same Map I had in my last playthrough. So i thought I just accidentally loaded the Seednr. with the Settings and tried rerolling the Seed multiple times and started like 3 games with different Seeds (same Settings). I dont think thats how it´s supposed to work. I really would appreciate help since yesterday I just went to Sleep demotivated from starting a new game on the same map :(.
Old 4x player feeling overwhelmed.... help?
Anno 1800 is my first in the series. I've played thousands of hours of Civ series (Civ 5 with community patch/vox populi FTW!). I've played a ton of city builders - Sim City, Tropico, etc. So, I'm used to 4x turn-based and city builders.I really like Anno 1800 so far. However, I just feel totally overwhelmed once I move past establishing island one. All of a sudden, I'm managing multiple islands and multiple ships and I feel like I need to be doing 15 things all right NOW."Okay, I need to do A, B, and C on island 1. Then do X, Y, and Z on island 2. But wait... I have to send this ship out on a quest.... then I have to deal with 3 trade routes...." Then 20 minutes later, I remember, "Oh... I was supposed to do A, B, and C. Ooops... there goes my steel production line" which then sets everything else back. It just seems like I'm barely treading water and the stress of remember what 15 things I need to do next overrides the enjoyment. What am I doing wrong? How do I make it less "I need to do these 15 things right now and I'm about to have a stroke" and more "this game is great".