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Anno 1800: planned harbor setup
Anno 1404 Collector's Edition - Worth it?
Hello!Not sure if this is allowed to ask here, but what's a 1404 Collectors Edition worth these days?Cheers!
"Design your own Expedition“ contest
Anno Union
Hey guys, I just registered for anno union game testing and I wanna know how long it takes to get access to the testing phase?
What are your hopes for Anno 1800?
If you were one of the developers of Anno 1800, what would you like to see added / improved / changed?
Anno Details!
I got Anno 2205 a while ago, and i really like it! Today i bought 1404 and 2070 Complete Editions in Uplay Sale too!Now i realized that in 1404, you can really see how you´re workes grab Resources and drag them to the Storage, instead of the per minute thingy in 2205. This is damn amazing, since i don´t expected that, and i always liked it back in old Games as Stronghold or Cultures where you could somewhat detailed watch you´re economy go :)​Is 2070 having stuff like that too?​I think i became a annoholic recently^^
20% off Uplay code - EU vs US
Hello,Am I correct in saying the 20% off code is available for people in the EU to purchase new games, but in this US players have to wait 3 months after the game releases...? I find this kind of messed up.​https://support.ubi.com/en-US/faqs/000025242/Are-there-any-limitations-with-my-20-Discount-code-Store?ncid=287-3---1-intlnk-37-55-Wininshop_FAQ--17-2-7-0318-1----UBISOFT_AI___Wininshop_FAQ_ID54909​.Netherlands store: "-20% [with] 100 units"https://store.ubi.com/nl/anno-1800/5b647010ef3aa548048c5958.html#q=anno+1800&start=3US Store: "pre-purchase now"https://store.ubi.com/us/anno-1800/5b647010ef3aa548048c5958.html?lang=en_US#lang=en_US&q=anno+1800&start=1​
Will Anno 1800 really not have curved streets?
I just catched up with screens and videos to check on the progress. Will Anno 1800 really still only be able to make straight streets? I see no curves nowhere.
DevBlog: The Residents of the New World
Union Update: New focus test, QnA and more – Anno Union
[anno 1404] What's the point of score at the end of the campaign missions?
The score you get from quests, are they tied to achievements or something, where can I check results of past missions? Same question goes for difficulty, does it change anything except starting conditions?
Buying Anno 1800 on steam or uPlay?
I have Anno 2070 and 2205 on uPlay and I really enjoyed the uolay exclusive rewards. I have Anno 1404 on steam and have not played it enough yet (have played a pirated version earlier) but not sure about Anno on steam. Can anyone explain on which platform it is better to purchase Anno 1800?