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We NEED to be able to realistically earn 61K (MINIMUM) in a 7 day period.
This is horseshit. In the space of a week, they rotate the store twice, with AT LEAST 244000 worth of value for the "main items".If you get every daily and weekly challenges with Coin as a reward, on average, you'll get 25K in 7 days.What the fuck is that? Microtransactions in this game aren't an "Option for those who want to skip ahead" They're flat out PUNISHMENT, for those who don't give you more money. I think being able to guarantee that you will be able to get at LEAST ONE of the 4 major items in the store is BEYOND reasonable.What do you expect from people who don't use MTX's... to save up for almost 3 WEEKS OF STRAIGHT PLAYING to be able to buy ONE armour set? That's so fucking outrageous.Either Drop the price of items, or increase the reward amount for dailies & weeklies. asap.
This is what happens when I try to equip consumable this has been going on since March
If Anthem's servers were to be closed, when do you think it can happen, realistically?
Recently I made two posts; in the first one I stated that I believe Anthem will be closed down in maybe half a year after the Cataclysm release, and in another one I said that I'd be slightly surprised if the game isn't canned until January 2020. After merrily writing those opinios, I realized - better late than never - that I don't really know what I am talking about. Not only am I not a developer/publisher myself, but until Anthem I was never really that interested in the process of "canning" video games - I've never played a game that you cannot keep playing to this day, except perhaps some obscure, old titles from late 90's to early 2000's. ​My question, to those of you who at least think that you know* more about game releasing, upkeeping and eventually closing down practices, is this - when, if ever in the near future, do you think Anthem will be closed down? Lets assume that the game will not make a turnaround and will indeed keep being an as unfocused and lacking content as it is now; how long do you think it will last?​\by saying this I mean that I'd rather avoid "gaem daed" quality posts here.)
world events dont count
So for the tomb or artinia i need to complete 5 world events.every time i do a world event now they wont 'count'any fixes ?
Grave historian challenge bugged (trophy issue?)
Hello. I have some concerns about "No stone unturned trophy". One of the listed challenges have been bugged for me. It says "Grave historian 3/4", but I have already finished main quest. Did anyone catch this bug? Can I steel achieve trophy for collectibles?
DirectX Error on PC
Oh look, people. GM2, Freeplay today. (UK)(21:09PM)(Random players)
Is the Monitor final battle broken?
So I’m playing anthem, I’m fighting the monitor, and then when he says “NO, I”m not done!!” And disappears, I suddenly die. I don’t know what is happening please HELP!
Legion Of Dawn items STILL not showing despite workarounds
I’ve decided to play anthem again (Xbox one btw) and I’ve noticed that the issue from before, where my legion of dawn and preorder bonuses are still not showing, is persisting. I’ve looked it up, can’t find anything that will work. Uninstalled both LOD and preorder and reinstalled countless times. Someone please help.
Xp - what is the highest level of Xp that u can achieve in Anthem?...(not tier Xp)...we know that Anthem is driven by Xp...what is the CAP?!?👀
Grabbit Ears
So they now have a challenge to get grabbit ears on PTS.Grabbits on PTS
So, still no update?
It's been half July and still no Cataclysm public release? I've been playing Anthem since its release for a few months. Ignored all the negative reviews but I kept playing anyway. Got all of my javs geared to 788s. Got my main (interceptor) with good gear. After that, I quit. ... That was back in April. Fastforward to now, there's still no major update, especially Cataclysm like they promised back in May? When will they release it? Will they ever release it? Not that I'm complaining, I got my money worth. It's just.... frustrating.