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Wishlist Wednesday - What are your wishes for Anthem?
Share your very own ideas and wishes for Anthem here, no matter how big or small!Due to feedback, we're putting this wishlist thread into contest mode to better ascertain feature requests. Please look through existing comments for a feature most similar to your request and comment on that instead. If your request doesn't exist yet, feel free to make a new comment. Contest mode will be turned off after the week is up so developers can catalog feedback given in this thread and note their popularity.
As a Destiny veteran, very happy to see *matchmaking for all content* in Anthem. In Destiny, requiring players to go find groups outside of the game is a real step backwards from similar online games, particularly for those of us traditionally “solo” players.
Matchmaking in raids version of anthem
Can you pre-order the game, play the demo and then cancel?
I know it sounds like a dick move, but I'm really hyped for this game. However, I am a bit sceptical as to wether the game will succeed, though I hope it does.But is it possible?Edit: I'm on PC
Will Storm be limited to just lightning based attacks?
I realize this seems like a semi dumb question, but will Storm be able to use any of the other effects? Like will we get fire/frost based abilities for storm? From what we have seen, every javelin has only showcased one type of effect; Ranger used frost grenades, Colossus had the flamethrower, Storm had lightning, and I feel like i read somewhere that poison is also an effect so that seems like it would fit Interceptor well. Are all the Javelins limited to one effect or are the devs just this good at keeping things under wraps?
So is there any estimate on when we are going to get an interceptor character bio?
I totally get waiting it out and all, but it would be really great to see some gameplay or at least get an idea of what powers the interceptor has.if waiting it out is going to keep people from being disappointed, then it’s the right call, but I seriously doubt that’s the case and would love to see some of what the interceptor actually does!
Mobility in Open World Games
Hey everyone. What are your thoughts regarding mobility as it has been described regarding the game? One major problem I have with a lot of open world games is the world is very expansive but for the given amount of space there isn't neccesarily a lot going on and you spend several minutes going from point A to point B with nothing happening inbetween. This happens in Bethesda games a lot but is especially true for Final Fantasy XV which made transportation incredibly tedious and dull. I haven't played the latest spiderman game but I did play the PS2 version which was the first to really nail the webslinging physics. I think mechanics like that go a long way to making mobility in a game like Anthem more fun. I think all developers of open world games need to think about how to make moving from place to place more exciting to justify the wide expansive space that you are traversing. Otherwise I think it's just as well that you just have a mission structure where I select the next objective and drop me directly into the action.
Hey Bioware, a thought about X to switch weapons
I can see a lot of situations where this would be frustrating. So, I was looking at the control scheme: what if you double tapped A to hover, clicked right stick to melee, then Y was switch weapons? I feel this would much more natural than having X serve two such vital functions. Thoughts?
What we learned about Anthem this week from the Anthem Devs #AMAAAA (09.29.2018)
Let me know your thoughts in the comments. Tap fire those socials for more info and updates:Let's dive in..Link to video when it goes live: that's about it for this week gamers. As usual a video version will be up on Monday. Have an amazing rest of your weekend. Keep asking questions.​~Cheers! SirMav
I'm playing some Warframe while waiting for Anthem. I've played with both controller and keyboard/mouse. The general internet consensus is that keyboard/mouse is better, and I can see why. So, what about Anthem? When are we going to hear about control schemes? Flying is a new dimension, right, that has to control well. I'd like to hear more from the Devs about controls, both controller and keyboard/mouse.
Silly Saturday - Share your Anthem memes here!
Give me your circlejerk, your dank, your huddled memes yearning to breathe free. This is the place to post all the memes and low-effort posts that we normally don't allow, so go wild!
Anthem and Science-Fantasy
I'm starting to understand the genre-tag more and more. Yeah, it's science-fiction with fantasy elements, but it's also a bit more. Anthem is a fantasy world that didn't get trapped within medieval stasis. At least, not completely. According to the EA website, the capital of Mirrus (the name of Anthem's world, apparently. Or country?) is known as the Kingdom of Antium and that its' primary defenders are the Sentinels that we've seen and heard about. Naturally, a kingdom necessitates a king or queen or some form of a monarchy. This is further backed by the Fort Tarsis blurb on EA, stating that it's a " where royalty and scoundrels can rub elbows..."Now, I'm no Sci-Fi buff, but I'm pretty certain that kingdoms and monarchies and the like usually inhabit the fantasy space a bit more as science fiction usually boasts more "advanced" forms of government. Of course, you've got your exceptions like Princess Leia (I think; I've never really cared much for Star Wars) and King T'Challa in Marvel, but it's a pretty safe generalization. Feel free to correct me if I'm wrong, though. And then we've got magic. Call it what you want -- not-magic, evolved abilities, whatever. It's functionally magic. Another blurb on the EA website about the Storm says that the "seals" on the Javelin "...boost latent kinesis powers of the pilot." Latent, meaning that it was already within the pilot and that it's not one-hundred percent the Storm's doing. This also, somehow, allows for teleportation. Then we've got Cyphers as telepaths, Arcanists "runes" and the holy Fantasy-RPG trifecta of Tank, Mage and Rogue with the Ranger serving as sort of an advanced foot soldier. To me, this all just makes it sound as if Anthem was your standard fantasy series that was allowed to naturally develop past that invisible barrier that kept it within its own genre. Swords were traded for the more efficient firearm and plate-mail was traded for exosuits, but there's still heavy homage to the past in a lot of the design decisions and I think that's really neat. This also means we could see a suitably weird Anthem-style dragon and shoot it in the face with missiles, lasers and magical lightning.