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Rucks WTF!
You make me get all this shards, kill all these Ura and now you are telling me you are not sure we are not gonna be stuck on a time loop??
Bastion - Wake up, Kid - Setting Sail, Coming Home
Mashup between Bastion and Nuclear Throne I did
Audio director and composer for Supergiant Games Darren Korb will be on my podcast for an interview January 18th. If you have any questions you would like to ask him let me know, episode will air last week of this month.
All questions welcome!
I played this game on this same season back on 2011
My PS4 got messed up (i'm on a gaming and personal crisis) so i decided to download steam on my laptop just to see what i can play a bit, installed bastion. Couldn't stop for hours! So after i'm done playing for the night i saw my achievements for the game looking forward to finish them all and wow, my favorite nostalgic game called me out..​I remember meeting bastion back in the day and it got into my soul, used to play the soundtrack while working to chill and get this gone.. now the game calls me back again in the same days but on 2018! Feel so glad to finish my day like this, thanks Bastion, thanks supergiant games, looking forward for the new game at epic store. Will get it as a tribute to you guys, GG!​https://i.redd.it/te7hlxqoil721.png
Mount Zand Question
Excuse me, does anyone happen to remember (or have a recording) of what Rucks says at the end of Mount Zand, assuming you just skip the boss? I just got through it, realized you could skip it once I was done, but I don't want to replay the game (again), for just that line.
New game Hades, available in early access right now!
Turned a vibrant image monochrome by hand for a class last spring. Not much is more vibrant than the art of Supergiant.
I went back to watch an old series on youtube and found a Bastion homage right in the opening.
Bastion coming to Switch september 13th!
Shout out to the musicians/composers in this game. Got interested in the game just based off of the music.
I was listening to some video game/focus music and came across a lot of tracks from this game. The music is amazing. After that, I decided to check the game out and I like RPGs and really dug the style of game. It just came out on sale for PS4 and I snatched it up instantly. Now I just need to see where in my backlog it should go. Definitely toward the top. Gotta finish a couple other games first.
Got Bastion on sale yesterday, absolutely in love with the game, and then this happened and broke my heart