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Kind people, I’m stuck at 99.90% map completion and need help!
Red Moon in garden missing after Switch patch. Feature or Bug?
I got the 1.02 Switch patch and I just noticed that the giant red moon in the Garden is gone from the foreground. The room looks normal save for foreground objects being red-tinted. I am nowhere near the endgame currently. Was that a bug fix, or is it a new bug? The moon is in the background behind the castle and is normal looking.Edit to add: If it matters, I'm past Bloodless and have yet to drain the fountain. I've also beaten the Abyssal Guardian at the library.
Is my map bugged?
99.0% complete.Item list complete.Final boss done twice (definitely not missing that room.)​I am fully stumped, it's the last thing left for a full 100% and this is killing me. Scoured tons of maps, checked off every single secret room.​You guys are my only hope :(Pic 1​pic 2​Wrong way up but this is the den of behemoths / glacial tomb​Full map
Celeste's room is driving me nuts
I noticed the room a while back. Today I fought the last 2 bosses and then just kinda looked around and ended up in this room again. Id noticed the white ghost that appears if you sit in either chair for a while. But this time I noticed 5 music boxes that play different songs. I tried a few combinations. Open this box first let it finish then open this one and starting them all in different orders but nothing happens. Im sure this has to mean something as it's the only room like this.
Keeping shards?
Is there any reason to keep shards I don't use? I've been keeping one of everything but it's just kind of an ocd thing. Is there any reason not to sell them?
just got the game, any recommendations?
so i just won a copy of bloodstained ritual of the night on ps4 for the slim price of free on the fextralife forums but ive never heard of it before, nor have i ever played a 2d game that wasnt terraria when i was younger (im more of a soulsborne style player) so my question is what should i expect, what should i avoid and is this game any good?
Boss rush mode problems
Boss rush mode doesn’t show up for me anymore I’ve already beaten the game with true ending gotten both prizes and stuff but it’s just gone now I’m playing on the switch so maybe that’s why but I don’t know
Do you guys see this game on sale in the fire like black Friday?
I wanna play it but can't justify spending $40 on an indie game.Edit: future not fire
Boss Exploit (spoilers)
Once you get the warhorses key you can fight Richter.Standing far away forces him to walk. Bouncing on his head or standing behind him makes him backhop.You can loop him if you can get him in the door.EVEN BETTER is you can LOCK his AI if he stands with half a foot hovering off the ledge and you are under him but not fully. He will just attack the air above you and not move. Sorry if known.
Hair Apparent glitch?
I have found all the hair apparents-- except for V, because that isn't in game yet-- but one still isn't selectable from the barber. The one in question is hair apparent XI. I found it and have it in my inventory but Todd hasn't leveled up or updated his shop. Anyone else have this problem? Any ideas on how to fix it? Not sure if this is relevant or not, but the platform I play on is ps4. Thanks in advance! EDIT: SOLVED! Okay. So, turns out the order in which they appear in the shop doesn't always corralate with their numbers. I stopped looking at the number XI and just counted the number of apparents in my inventory to find I was missing one, which I quickly went and retrieved from a quest.
Bloodless glitch where she won't die
So I'm on hard difficulty and I did enough damage to kill her before she could heal, the sound effects and everything played when she should have died, but then she did her heal anyway, and now I can't do any further damage to her. There's literally nothing I can do accept reset to my last saved point.Anyone else seen this?
Graphics </> Mobility ?
TL;DR Assuming the main problems with the Switch ver. are fixed (performance, input delay...etc), which one is better for Bloodstained?Are graphics downgrades really noticeable? do they affect the experience?Is having the game accessible on the go really makes a difference for this game specifically?------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------PS4:Pros: Graphics, performance, 60fpsCons: home consoleNote: PS Vita for mobility, but needs internet+control layout is bad.​Switch:Pros: On the goCons: Graphics, Performance, 30fpsNote: upcoming fixes coming to address performanceNormally I would go directly to PS4 without question, but this specific game seems so fit to be played on switch.​Any recommendations?