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You just made a profile on ConnectIn, the biggest website to connect with other people.

Send invites to get connections, but have in mind, not all invites will be accepted. 

You can also use IP( Influence points ) to get some macros, and send multiple invites per click.

If you are tired of endless clicking you can also buy some bots, to automatic send invites.

When you start to get a loot of connections, some things start to happen.

First people will start to sent invites to you, and you need to accept to be connect with that person. And you can also use macros and bots for that.

And second you get some bonus for each milestone. Be looking at the notifications

You goal is to get me biggest amount of connections possible.

Good Luck ;-)

The windows version was missing a file when I made the upload.  Please use this link to download the fixed version:

Release date
Mar 17, 2019
HyperDrop Studios
Age rating
Not rated
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Last Modified: Mar 18, 2019
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