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The season 7 hunt pass
While i'm hyped for this pass because i am a fan of futuristic looking things, many people arent because it doesnt really fit in, which i kind of agree with but doesnt bother me. I think for the next season they sould either go back to making original cosmetics or make cosmetics from ancient times to suit the style and theme of the game better. They could maybe do something like gladiators or knights, with a unique style or something idk
What else can I do?
The season 5 lvl 15 mask got bugged for everyone and was replaced with a helmet. I'm still missing that mask even though I maxed out the pass, also I paid for a patrol boost at the start of the season and only saw rewards from 1 daily patrol on the day I bought it (since then I haven't gotten anything extra from my dailies.) I've sent several tickets early in the season, as well as posted in the most recent thread on the game version. I've gotten no response or help/support... what else can I do?
A cool start for a cool ending UwU ,Week #5 solo Sub 3 Finally 🥺
Meatball Sub 3
Prestige rewards have been pushed back to 0.9.3
Why are empowered reloading and repeaters so buggy/frustrating?
Things like:Being close to the tail of a behemoth like Pangar, Hellion, and Reza, and still not getting an empowered reload. This is made even worse when some behemoths have very generous empowered reload ranges, like Boreus, while some seem to have the radius of a micrometer.Hitting reload, hearing the sound effect that an empowered reload would get, SEEING the empowered reload visual effects, and not actually receiving an empowered reload. This has happened way too many times to countNot having the ability to turn off auto-reload at an empty chamber, incredibly useful for things like Lucky Chamber and that Lady Luck gun mod, at least just give us the option to toggle that on or offFull bore chamber empowered shot will sometimes perform the shot without the knockback effect, and sometimes it will. Hopefully this becomes a gameplay option, as getting knockback sometimes isn't always a good thing, and in some situations, is a total lifesaverThese are just major problems I have with Repeaters and empowered reloading
Additional reward for trials.
What you think about getting some potion/grenades reagents for beating trials.Imagine, you beat dauntless in 2:40 solo. But you want a better time, you will do 50 more tries losing 25 of them and completing 25 of them over 2:40, so you beat trial 25 times, but still haven't reached the time you wanted, and all potions are now gone. Receiving reagents for beating trials will allow you to do a little more runs, without having to bully lesser embermane.
Patrols behemoth loot table
When you go to select a patrol have a L1 selection where you can view the behemoth loot table. Plus add
Recherche Guild/partenaire de chasse Francais
Salut a tous, tout est dans le titre .
Noob shop question
I've recently joined Dauntless and I've been having a blast and I wanted to upgrade to Elite but I have a question...Since the season ends in 2 days will I be able to get the elite bonuses next season as well ( if the upgrade is permanent ) or do I have to keep buying it every season and in that cause I should wait till next season starts?
Boop from downtown
Help me
I really want to get the trials stuff like the crown, berserker cells and chain blade transmog but am terrible at the game, can’t make my own build, bad at dodging and over combo. Am sad