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Did Alex Evans just confirm that the largest connected Dreams-level can be 100 000 000 levels?
If I understood the answer correctly, he said, in the latest Game Informer video, that the largest number of connected levels is 100 to the power of 4th, that’s:1004 = 100 * 100 * 100 * 100 = 100 000 000 levelsSeems like the level-amount isn’t going to be a problem
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I think Dreams will be a huge success; will surprise a lot of people
Ever since Dreams was announced in 2015 it has been met by a lot of pessimism from most gamers; myself included.​But that changed for me. My own pessimism was obliterated when I saw gameplay at PSX last year. With the increased awareness of the game on reddit, and judging by the positive response to the GIFs I've shared here and in r/PS4, it seems like once people actually *get* what the game is about, they are hyped for it. I think once the beta launches this year, the general awareness for the game will explode, and the game's success, both critically and commercially, will surprise most pessimists.​Dreams seems like the most innovative and groundbreaking game in the last decade, and I applaud Sony for having the guts to invest in a project like this.
Are anyone here a "Game Informer" subscriber?
Why isn't there a pinned post where we just share ideas and stuff like that?
Like, hey man, let's have one big source of dreamy dreams
It’s so awesome to see Dreams getting recognition from people! Keep telling people about Dreams and keep posting new stuff :)
LBP3 is discounted in EU at the moment if anyone wants to practise with the logic
Possible limitations for making an open world, GTA like clone?
Hey so obviously a nicely polished GTA clone in Dreams would be cool, would this be possible? With driving mechanics, an open world, voice acting, etc. But in a way that doesn't look and sound terrible.Anyone think that the PS4 be able to handle this at the frame rate MM are hoping for ?Itd be a nice project when they bring multiplayer creation.Edit:: Not talking about recreating GTA 5 lmao. Of course you wouldn't be able to do that, but something like GTA 3 may be almost possible but would obviously have to be a little smaller. Everyone seems to think I have the expectations of a game engine..
How many of yall have zero creation experience with lbp?
I tried and failed spectacularly.
Peter Field's awesome architecture timelapse
Game Informer issue coverage?
If anyone here is a GI digital subscriber, let me know if it's worth picking up the issue for its Dreams coverage. I'm not asking you to post scans or article copy, just your impressions.