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Making A TV.
Is it possible to make a working TV? Im not talking about everything in smaller scale in a box.
First boss of my action-adventure project, Stranger
Import Audio?
On Early Access and PLaying on Early Access and I can recall Media Molecule saying we could upload our own audio. I've tried the Indreams.ME link a number of times, but it never appears to work for me. Operator error? Or has that function not been activated yet and will be available for full release?
Dogfighter Scenery Preview
Frame rate issues from large number of objects - destroyers
Afternoon all, I have a scene which has a huge amount of destruction happening. I have buildings etc.. which become moveable and shatter into quite a lot of pieces. It looks great but obviously causes all sorts of issues with frame rate. If there a single way to destroy objects once they've landed on the ground? I know I can add destroyers to them individually and have them vanish when they hit the floor but there's literally hundreds of items and I can't go through and add destroyers to all of them. So I'm hoping there's an easier way to do it?It's a really fun game and I'd hate to have to either kill it or overly simplify it. Thanks in advance!
sound distance
Ive seen several creations where you could only hear the sound if you got close to a object and it becomes louder the closer you get. how do I do this?
Community Jam Whoopsie!
My submission for the Summer Festival Community Jam starts you off in a bedroom. To begin, you press square near a boombox to start the experience. I'm very proud of how it turned out and submitted it yesterday night.I logged on earlier today and realized that it was an earlier version that I submitted and it's too late to update it. So rather than starting the level, you press square and it just ends the level. Obviously I'll live but it's still very disappointing that that's what people will be seeing rather than the whole rest of the level that I worked hard on.(Edit: I was also super pumped to show off my work because music is what I mostly do and that was the main part of the theme)Has this happened to anyone else?
Media Molecule Stream Opener recreated in Dreams.
Hi Folks,​Just wanted to share my latest Dream. I came up with this idea to remake the stream opener way back in April. Decided on Thursday I was going to do it. It was so much fun I got it completed over the weekend. Check it out and let me know what you think.Mm Stream Opening Remade in Dreams.https://indreams.me/scene/dLUziqYiHbY
Here is a Full Play-through of "Spaced!" Immersive physics, captivating voice acting and cutscenes! Original creation by Brown7407.
My Dreams, with epic music I compose (available on dreams) and kind of space-based puzzle exploration (still WIP and I'm looking fot improvement advice). What do you think of this entrance cinematic ? Thnaks dreamers :)
Asset packs: High Res or Low Res?
A really lovely platformer made by Shookiemonster.