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Far Cry New Dawn posts

I was destroying one of those judge things and I saw boomer on the cliff, so I took this picture.
Never Look Back at the Explosion
How do you activate new edens gift?
Was playing in a new game + and found some colorful lights, and this is what i found!
Help :(
Hello everyone, i was so hyped to jump on Far Cry 2 again... But i cant play it, when i try to play my monitor turns black for like 5 sec and then game shuts down. I tried everything to fix it but nothing helps. Can someone help me ? Please iam desperate :C. (win10, fc2 steam version)
Dammit Nick
I'm very proud of this.
Finally got them all
I feel like this could’ve been a poster for the game. Photo mode is awesome
OK guys... I started New Game+ & I can't take photos like that until I finished the game again...!
I continue photo mode with Far Cry New Dawn 😉​https://i.redd.it/kezo4oon1tz21.jpg
Far Cry 5 is actually beautiful
Best starting skills in Far Cry 5
I finally got far cry 5 and I’m wanting some tips on the most efficient skill point spend during the early game. I’m thinking about skills to either increase what I get from hunting or the third gun (don’t get me started on only 3 normal gun slots. It kills me)