Feb 15, 2019
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Far Cry New Dawn Posts

Thirty-two choppers on top of John Seed's statue. I'm now officially retiring. Don't have the patience to try to top this!
Should i buy Far Cry 5 or Far Cry New Dawn?
Drove for two hours to see this church because it gave me some far cry 5 vibes.
Timber! NO!!!
When she's kinky and call you daddy
This house looks like it was in far cry 4
Oh boy, it’s survey season friends! I’m liking several of these options. Fingers crossed 🤞
Is there a mod Where I can stop the resistance meter
I just wanna stop it right before filling it up before I do all missions q
far cry 5 faith in the real world is also true and what faith is that then
far cry 5 faith in the real world is also true and what faith is that thenfar cry 5 faith basted of real faith
Templar Order in Hope County?
Ubisoft has seemed to merge their game world together, esp in watchdogs where you kill Oliver from AC4. I just realized that the symbol the peggies use is very similar to the templar orders. This may just be the connection of the symbol of the cross however I believe that at some point maybe the templars helped John with destabilizing the county. If it worked (nuke option) the templars would have a perfect opportunity of chaos to officially intervene and locking america down under their control. (Using fear as a motivator to give up control to the military). What do you guys think? I wouldn't be surprised if the next ubisoft game references the nuke in some way or another if not using it as a catalyst for the games story.
Anyone who's played FC4 knows. These little fuckers just don't give a shit.