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Far cry online like GTA V
Do you guys think UBISOFT should start an online gig for the next far cry like GTA V did ...i understand that far cry games release every 1-2 years.. But an online far cry exclusively with constant updates would be massive for the community and the game as a whole.. What do you guys think?!
Farcry 5
I didn't get into Farcry until about 6 months ago. I have played 4,5 and New Dawn. I have Primal but haven't played it yet. I guess these games will be like Skyrim, I still play it since I got it in 2011. Im sure I will play Farcry 5 for a long time.
Far Cry 6?
Has anyone been hearing any rumors on the next Far Cry installment? I’ve been so excited to hear some news on the next full game. I was crossing my fingers that one would come out this coming winter/spring but I’d assume we would have heard something by now.
Never got the wing-suit due to my love of exploration. This provided me with a challenge that I had to get creative to accomplish
Hi Gina 👋
A question
Is it worth spending money to get the pc version of far cry 5 but also have the console version? This also applies to new dawn
Can anybody sit facing backwards in the seats of the helicopter?
I think I used to be able to but now I can’t
John's Bunker in Far cry new dawn different from Far cry 5
​Why is John Seed's Bunker which is destroyed and collapsed in far cry 5 after killing john not destroyed in far cry new dawn?​​In new dawn it is just flooded, the main doors are shut and inside it lookes dilapidated but still has structural integrity, but after killing John in far cry 5 you blow it apart ? There is a paper in new dawn from one of the Peggie’s saying that they lost hope down in the bunker during the apocalypse ( without John but with the bunker still functional and not exploded ) and how until Joseph seed came they lost hope. ​Why is it destroyed in 5 but not in new dawn ?
Far Cry New Dawn Game Breaking Glitch.
I'm 100% in New Dawn, now I have a bad issue. Did the Trailer Town outpost with a friend online, got detected, restarted, I'm left going from a full elite weapon loadout to a rusty 1911, repair torch with a red X. Later I discovered, every single ounce of crafting materials and special ammunition is gone. I can't even hold the correct amount of normal ammunition as the perks glitched out. I cannot grapple, cannot lockpick, and have lost the ability to craft all explosives and special ammunition. I keep getting hints like I just started the game. I can reuquip my elite weapons but with no ammunition at all.I am officially screwed.
This game is infuriating
Okay, I bought new dawn about a week ago, and up until now, I was enjoying it more that FC5,4, or 3 (haven't played FC2 in 8 years, and never played FC1), but now I'm debating deleting it to make room for literally anything else. It's a great game, but I can't be the only one who absolutely despises the higher tier enemies (Purple & Gold).I get that they introduced RPG elements, but did they forget to add a way to actually get sronger. The gold tier enemies take an absurd amount of bullets to kill (I'm using a purple tier LMG btw), and the rpg is useless, doing less damage than a shotgun (no, seriously). Ignoring the bullet sponges, what on earth happened to the exlosion indicator? I know it isn't disabled, as it does appear, but it appears so rarely that I have actually failed taking over bases, mutiple times is a row because all I can do is shoot a few rounds, get up from an rpg explosion, shoot a few rounds, get up from an rpg explosion, meanwhile im getting bombed with literally, yes, literally, no warning. I'm not running in a predictable straight line, but the prick on mortors seems to be psychic.Btw, yes I've been killing the rpg guys, there are always at least two of them shooting infinite missiles, similar situation with the mortors, there must be one hidden in the bushes, 'cause all I see is a mortor with nobody on it, yet am still getting bombed. What- apart from giving Ubisoft money- am I doing wrong?Edit: yes, I've also been shooting the obvious barking & beeping RCXDoggos.
Infamous is bullshit, and so is the game
Everyone is a bullet sponge, I remember complaints about bullet sponges in New Dawn, but it's worst in 2. The game isn't that realistic, you spend blood diamonds, fucking blood diamonds on a rusty jamming AK-47, if you go to a blackmarket store with 3 blood diamonds, you would get 4 golden ak-47s. The only reason I play it is because everyone says it's the greatest game ever made, but it isn't! There is no stealth besides if you snipe, and close quarters silent takedowns don't exist. Fuck this game
Anyone can’t get enough of the cult music? I seriously can’t stop listening to these songs, especially the music in Faith’s region