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Online, anyone? Add Liners2001
Forza race team.
Looking to build a team for forza motorsport 5. We can have bi-weekly competitions and maintain leaderboards. My tag is BasidialBee262
Adam LZ BMX's 240SX Drift Test
Tips on driving the RUF Rt12S
I am having a hard time getting used to driving this car. I purchased it for the Modern Grand Touring championship. Any tips would be appreciated.
Question for laguna seca
So I do lets play videos (WAIT DON'T STOP READING WAIT THIS ISN'T A SHAMLESS PLUG) and I made one recently for forza 5 racing a 458 round laguna seca in the first laps I'm always spinning out before I make it to the first corner? I'm quite interested to know if this is just a mistake I'm making or is it just a glitch? skip into the video to about 13:02 to see what I mean, really quite curious about this.
Forza 5 v Real Life Bathurst Hot Lap
Circuit races?
Nightly circuit races. 10-15 laps on any track. Homie315 is my gamertag. Hit me up
Anyone have a racing wheel recommendation?
I'm curious if anyone has a recommendation for a racing wheel? Price point is fairly high so I'm OK with a high priced one.Are there any wireless ones for Xbox One?Does anyone have a good place that compares the Xbox one racing wheels?
Forza Motorsport 5 Tag Glitch
May I have
I been wanting to get forza 5 so I can play with my friends but just don't have the money. I know like in 2 months it will be with games with gold but l lust can't wait . If you give me a code you will be the greatest person ever .so please and thank you
Car tokens not showing up after purchase
Title says it all. Bought some car tokens because I'm lazy, and they aren't showing up in game, yet I was still billed for the purchase. Any suggestions? Help?
This gameplay/idea interest anybody?
I posted on XboxOne sub but wanted to see if I got a response here. Way back on the original Xbox/project Gotham racing, I played with some guys that introduced me to some games that usually ended up being way more fun than racing itself. Last Man StandingEvery person starts out with the same exact car. Preferably, the slowest one. Damage is set to cosmetic and a short track with 2-3 laps worked best. Our favorite (eventually on Forza) was the Sebring short track. Everything goes, just don't come in last. Whoever finished in last place now gets to be the attack car. They'd pick their most powerful car and in the next race would attack whoever happened to be in first place at any given time. The loser of that race would join the other attack car and the process would repeat until there were only the last two cars battling each other and the attack cars. Cat and MouseSame idea but with teams and always done with 1 lap of the Nurburgring. Teams would consist of one slow car and one attack car. All the slow cars have to be identical, the attack cars could be whatever each team wanted. Free for all. Protect your slow car and attack all the other slow cars. Teams would be color coordinated so you could find your teammate. Haven't even played Forza online yet to see if this is doable but wanted to check interest. Anybody?faceless gamer is my GT