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Grand Theft Auto IV

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Every crime story is a story of a search for success. The player will become Niko Bellic, immigrant arriving at the Liberty City to reunite with his cousin Roman and find the man that betrayed him and his army unit fifteen years prior to the events of the game. While protecting his cousin, Niko has to deal with loan sharks, Russian mobsters, and other gangs. After the third game, GTA brought more realism to the player, in order to make the city and its people look more believable. Street vendors on every corner will sell food that replenishes health, bars with playable dart boards, bowling alleys and even comedy clubs and movie theatres. Open world will allow players not only hang out with important NPC in order to receive bonuses and unlocks but taking girls on the dates as well, to help Niko settle. Multiplayer mode allows up to 32 players to explore the copy of the single-player city and initiate multiplayer activities, like races or Deathmatches.

System requirements for Xbox 360

System requirements for PlayStation 3

System requirements for Xbox One

System requirements for PC

  • OS: Windows Vista - Service Pack 1 / Windows XP - Service Pack 3
  • Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo 1.8GHz, AMD Athlon X2 64 2.4GHz
  • Memory: 1.5GB XP / 1.5GB Vista
  • Graphics: 256MB Nvidia 7900 / 256MB ATI X1900
  • DirectX Version: DirectX 9.0c Compliant Card
  • Hard Drive: 16GB of Hard Disc Space
  • Sound Card: 5.1 Channel Audio Card
  • Other Requirements: Initial activation requires internet connection; Online play requires log-in to Games For Windows - Live and Rockstar Games Social Club (13+ to register); software installations required including Adobe Flash, DirectX, Microsoft’s .NET Framework 3.0, Games For Windows - LIVE, and Internet Explorer.
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Last Modified: Nov 28, 2022

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      Grand Theft Auto IV reviews and comments

      «Blew my mind»
      «Can’t stop playing»
      i was only a child when i played this so i did not shit myself because i was freshly potty trained. However, i gurantee if i or you played through this masterpiece again we'd both shit ourselves. 10/10
      I was 14 when this game came out, so i was the exact target audience.  And they definitely hit the target.  Great soundtrack, truly impressive scope (for the time, not at all now), and some great writing for a video game.
      Niko Bellic and his cousin Roman, GTA IV is a true masterpiece, great story, graphics, controls, everything but one thing... the PC port, IT SUCKS! a 2008 game cannot be run without slow frames and braking bugs after a thousand updates since then.
      9/10 - The first GTA i really finished, really great game, Niko is my favorite GTA protagonist.
      «Can’t stop playing»
      «Beaten more than once»
      «Blew my mind»
      «Can’t stop playing»
      Grand Theft Auto 4 is a beautiful game in it's own right;  Liberty City is grimy and crime ridden.  You live in the bottom rungs of society, ignored by the upper crust except when your criminal services come in handy... you find yourself trapped in a loop of crime that seems inescapable.

      Unfortunately, the game is hindered by the game engine and it's 2008 gaming philosophy.  The cars are floaty like you're driving underwater and the game camera is very low to the ground... combine that with the claustrophobic streets of Liberty City and there's few times you get to just open up the throttles and enjoy the drive.

      The combat is also awkward and very obviously dated.

      But the worst part:  Failing a mission is BRUTAL.  They take your guns and money, then they set you far away from the mission start.  "Replaying" a mission means spending time rebuying all your stuff with depleted funds and driving across the entire city to hit triggers just to try again.

      All in all, it's got a great and engaging story mired by an old gaming philosophy. Back in 2008 when I might have bought one game every few months this grind would have been normal. Nowadays I've got hundreds of games at my fingertips. I like difficult challenges, but I don't like my time wasted.
      «Waste of time»
      This is the best gta ever great game I actually think that this is one of the best story's ever when this game came out in 2008 it was the best looking game at that time Niko was a very awesome and unique character in the series if you watch the film behind enemy lines you will see a guy who looks exactly like Niko there is alot of things I wish they would have done with the game like add car customizing you can paint your car but sometimes it takes a long time to get the color you want definitely has some of the best soundtracks in gaming the fighting is fantastic I can go around for 2 hours straight fighting people in this game the shooting is the same way very addictive the ragdoll physics are awesome super satisfying gta 4 hands down beats gta5 for all I just said except for car customizing and graphics great game if you haven't played I highly recommend you do so and also the police aren't as brutal as in gta5 and the AI aren't as good of shots either which is awesome but just talking about this game makes me want to go back and play it.
      «Blew my mind»
      «Just one more turn»
      Grand Theft Auto IV is kind of a reboot for Rockstar’s Grand Theft Auto series. Technically this game is the first in the “HD” universe of Grand Theft Auto games. I am unaware if these recent games (including GTA V) exist in the same universe as the old Grand Theft Auto games, but I highly doubt it as these games seem to be more connected to each other as opposed to older games that are merely referenced in easter eggs and not outright referenced by a line of dialogue or something more concrete. But I digress. GTA IV centers on Niko Bellic a war hero and immigrant from Eastern Europe as he tries to find a new life in America and contend with the criminal element that can either help or kill him. The game is in itself an immigrant story of sorts. There is a lot of diversity that is reflected in the game, both in aesthetic and the open world design as well as the stories and missions. This is seemingly reflective of the reality of New York City, which is the basis for the setting of this game. The game follows the struggles and hardships that immigrants face when placed in the overbearing culture and boundless opportunity that America is known for. The city, Liberty City, is based on New York City. There are four boroughs that are modeled on the four boroughs of New York City. Something that always comes to mind for me is how decadent and disgusting the city appears. I don’t expect New York to be this clean shiny city, but this game really goes out of its way to show how nasty this city is (both physically and perhaps culturally and socially due to the characters and actions that are depicted in the game). The gameplay is really good. Few games really capture driving mechanics as well as GTA does. Most games kind of pull a Saints Row where the driving mechanics feel so weightless and nonexistent. The gunplay and physics are good, especially for 2008. However, some of the movement mechanics are rather clunky. The graphics are severely dated, it’s not distracting but it’s definitely a product of its time. But textures and the rendering in this game is really bad, oddly enough I think Red Dead Redemption shares that element as well, sadly, I will pay attention when I play through it to see if this is the case. The game is vast with plenty of things to do and immerse yourself in. Not as much as say, Red Dead Redemption II or GTA V, but it’s enough to be annoying and not overwhelming. For instance, the supporting characters can have closer relationships with Niko if he spends time with them, so that leads to the annoying bombardment of your ingame cellphone with suggestions and invitations by other characters to go grab a drink or go bowling or engage in the numerous activities featured in the game. That gets annoying. Also, it’s really annoying to complete a mission, call the mission provider to inform him or her that you completed the mission only for you to tap X or A to speed up walking a bit, or to get shot at by a police officer or a criminal which cancels that action. The police in this game are so annoying. The voice acting in the game is very good. Rockstar has the tendency to cast quality voice actors that no one has ever heard of, or at least I haven’t heard of and I like to think that I keep up with films and other mediums. While flawed, this game is definitely a must play for anyone. It hasn’t aged well for me, but it doesn’t diminish the overall quality of the game.

      Rating: 4.5/5
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