Horizon Zero Dawn: The Frozen Wilds posts

New Game +
Hello.I want to make a New Game + for the last trophy in HZD.In the game it explains me that my weapons, outfits and skills will be saved. My question is, will my quests (because of the 100%), my materials and the things to collect (flowers, etc.) also be saved?Thanks for your answers in advance.
What’s the replay value of this game?
Replay value is when you can replay it and still have fun right? If so, what is it for this game. I like how there is new game plus. But I am very careful about the games I buy now, not because of money, but because of time and that I want to enjoy a game a lot more than once.
skin glitch on aloy
ok so ive noticed while playing that alot of times when wearing the nora brave outfit that the skin on aloys arms will turn grey and slowly trun back to normal does anyone know what causes this or how to fix it?? its very annoiying and just fucks with my immersion any help would be appreciated
Got Horizon Zero Dawn's Complete Edition
Hey I just bought the Complete Edition and I haven't played the game in a year. I remember bits and pieces of stuff of the story. However, I'm struggling if I should just start from scratch or should I just do a new game+. Since I completed the main story and what not. It's just that I'm sorta lost with controls. Any help is greatly appreciated
Thoughts on HZD and HZD2
I recently restarted HZD after completing it a year ago. Still totally in love with the world, its characters and the photo mode (here's my photo album from my first run). However, I was quickly reminded of some frustrating aspects of the game and some areas of improvement that I hope Guerrilla considers when creating HZD2. Would love to hear what you think about these suggestions. This is just based on my experience playing the game and not at all a slam on the way Guerrilla did things. Some of my issues may have already been discussed here and some may have solutions already built into the game and I'm just unaware of it.I'll get the obvious suggestion that we've already heard a billion times out of the way first...
Altars to All-Mother?
People who have done "The Forgotten" quest where Brom the (in all liklihood) schizophrenic left a boar's head on and thus desecrated an altar to All-Mother may remember that those weird, kinda gazelle looking, totems are supposed to be altars to All-Mother. I don't think its ever mentioned elsewhere that they are altars/shrines/depictions, but that quest clearly pointed out that that is what they are. They're found throughout Nora land in the game. I'm just wondering if anyone ever figured out why they look the way they do? Why the Nora believe All-Mother is best depicted as (what to me looks like) a gazelle type animal?
What a game
Just finished the dlc and main story and I must say the game is amazing. I haven't had the PS4 pro for long and HZD was my first exclusive to play, and my God it was worth every cent (paid like 20€ for game+dlc). I've really been missing out on some amazing games by not having a ps4 (was always a true pcmr guy) but now hzd showed me how much more amazing games there is. It will be a while before I boot it up again so as a tribute and one last journey I went on a pilgrimage from CYAN's place to Rost's place to have one last chat with him. It was truly touching seeing Aloy tell the story of what she went through and it was also a neat touch that she updates Rost on her adventures.
Just beat the game, but still left with a question
First of all, this was the second game I got for the PS4 and I LOVE IT. The visuals even on my Slim are truly astonishing, Aloy’s arc from outcast to heroine of the earth was epic.The only complaint I had was that the melee combat good have been improved ever so slightly. However, I’m still left with one question about the lore of the world: What part of Gaia were the machines part of?What would be the purpose of a robotic gazelle, T.rex, Haast Eagle, etc.?
How far am I into the game?
So far I'm 18 hours in on VH and just going to head to the Carja Border Fort soon. This is one of those amazing games I KNOW I wish I could erase from my memory so I can enjoy it a second time. I am taking my time, doing everything slowly and reading every bit of lore I can find. So, how much do I have left to see (Frozen Wilds included)?
I wish they made the ending scenes longer!
The final battle was very intense and seeing how many likeable characters existed, I wish they showed more of them in the end. It's nice seeing an outro that gives you a happy ending revolving characters Aloy has formed close bonds with like Erend and Varl and many more.
Anyone else disappointed in the final boss?
Finished the base game tonight, all in all I loved it, but I can't help but feel they could have done something crazier with the final machine fight, instead of another big death bringer.Maybe something like a giant robot scorpion, or a spider! What did you guys think? The fight itself was fun and intense mind.
Is there any YouTube channels that primarily discuss Horizon lore?
There’s some channels like Witcher George that’s Witcher lore and let’s plays do you guys know of anyone who does content similar like that with Horizon?