Impetuous Fighter

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2D Beat’ em up RPG with heavyweight mechanics

for PC and Android

Alpha version release of gameplay test announced to 1st august 2018

Project site:

  • Start configuration of stats (Str,Dex,Vit) depend on yours strategy
  • Without determined classes
  • Items with random stats
  • Ability to trade with anyone at your side
  • Random items drop, with 100% rate of drop item what you saw in NPC inventory
  • NPC can pick up items
  • Friendly fire, NPC can fight with each other and can kill each other
  • NPC with different sides attack each other
  • Strong skill system, skills can be active, passive, buff-type, passive with trigger. Depend on skill type it can have duration time, cooldown time, consume stamina.
  • All players have stats params (Str, Dex, Vit) that affects damage, attack speed, movespeed, hp and stamina, recovery ability and other.
  • Relation between current stamina and movespeed , attack speed. Less stamina – more slowly movement and attack speed.
  • Random quest system, any NPC in your side can give you a quest. Quest can be failed. Quest can be cancelled.
  • Without any sort of microtransaction inside game due to my own politics for now and for future

  • Update: Save and load player progress (quests doesn't save)
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Last Modified: Jan 9, 2019

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