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Requesting challenges/limitations against Organization/Lingering Will Boss Fights
So I would like a challenge and entertain you all by doing these challenges. I would post a link to the video once I’m done with the challenge and I almost always end it in a flashy way (unless the challenge is that difficult). So bring it on!
What are your hopes for Kingdom Hearts 3 manga
I just want to know from you guys is on what you expect from KH3 manga to have. Do you think it will do better than the game(like with the Disney Worlds.) and having better personalities?
So long Xigbar
If you could change a couple things about each game, what would they be?
I initially titled it as "change one thing" but I forgot halfway through writing and said screw it lol.KH1/KH1FM- This goes for all games really but Scan should not be a level up gain imo, nor should guard. They are basic things that you should always have access to imo. Changing party members at save points was a pain in the ass because of the trinity marks. Another one for all games; warping between save points. Can't believe that took until 0.2! I'm surprised they cut Disney Castle from this one but meh. I would have taken it but it isn't missed, it's just weird that its on the world select screen.CoM/ReCom- I'll be honest, I fucking hate the card system lol. It could have been a simple hack and slash with abilities gained the same way as 1 or 2, even on GBA. Imagine if it played like Megaman Zero. The card system being unnecessary is especially on PS2/3/4 though, they should have just made it like 1 at that point. Would have been even easier to program. I get that cards are the whole basis of the game but I think that should have been reworked. Idk. Also they should have kept the KH1 voice clips but I understand why they made him sound like he does in II, otherwise the cutscenes would be jarring. In my opinion the KH1 voice clips would have still been better. Tarzan was jarringly missing but I know, licensing bs and all that. Its just too bad.KHII/KHIIFM- Dodge roll should have been handled like in III where you just have it from the get go. He had to learn it in 1, had it from the start in CoM, and then completely loses it unless you play Final Mix? I thought that was so dumb and it's one of my very few issues with the game.ReCoded- I really hated how repetitive going into the data sectors became. I only ever played through this game once and it's because every time I go to replay it, I get past Destiny Islands and get bored because I know the whole rest of the game will be 80% this. The command deck I don't like, and I didn't mind the upgrade matrix all that much but I still would have preferred it all be handled like 1/2. The whole game just feels like a SECOND retread of KH1 worlds, almost like a better CoM. Having some KH2 worlds mixed in would have made me like it a lot more. Was it this one or 3D that showed every world in past games except for the Pirates of the Caribbean and Tarzan in the intro?358/2- Panel system. I love this game but I hated having to count out the exact number of spells I thought I would need, and installing level up panels shouldn't have been a thing imo. Also, where the fuck was the Saix battle in 1.5??? Can't believe they just skipped right over it smhBBS/BBSFM- I really wish the abilities were gained the same way as 1/2. Command deck, too. I don't like it. Less buttons on a handheld but III did away with holding L2 and using the stick to navigate it so the D-pad would have been fine. Don't try to fix what ain't broke. Also the combat, I much prefer the feel of 1/2. I can't help but feel like if the game continued development on PS2 or even PS3, this wouldn't have been an issue, even though it was a different team making it. Minor complaint, for the eventual PS3/4 versions, add the capes back! The systems could handle the fabric. Taking out the multiplayer was lame too. Scrapped Jungle Book world could have been cool but I feel like they replaced it with Neverland which I was okay with.3D- Again, abilities. Should have been the same as 1/2. Combat is still an issue for me, as is the command deck but for some reason not as much as BBS. The HD version seemed to be a lot better overall, probably because of the second analog stick. Treasure Planet world would have been dope.UX- Honestly I wish it was on anything other than iphone because of the grindy-ness and microtransaction stuff. For a game that is now extremely important to the plot, I think it should have been a normal game. Even Coded at least got a remake on DS but the original didnt have the same problems I have with UX.0.2- More spells and abilities? THANK YOU for readding the command menu lol this quelled my fear of the deck coming back for III. I almost wish they hadn't released this and kept it as the prologue for III a-la Roxas in KH2 since I didn't have a PS4 when it came out anyway. At least it satisfied people until III came out but I think it would have fit better as a prologue, that way you wouldn't have people complaining about not being able to explore the Dark World at all in III, especially since in III it even shows a title card for the world when you first play as Riku.KHIII- I like the combat in this one a lot, I don't care what anybody says. Best since II's combat, it's just not quiiiite as good. I initially didnt like the way drive forms were handled but I'm fine with it now. I didnt like the attractions though but that was rectified with critical, as was the easy difficulty. I do wish I could hold L2 and use the stick to go through the command menu still though. Honestly, most of my issues with this were resolved via patches already. I really wish there were more secret bosses but the DLC is gonna fix that as well. Lastly, multiple playable characters in more areas or at least for longer periods of time. Riku for a collective 10-15 minutes was lame, I mean it was cool but there was a lot of lost potential. Again, DLC is seemingly going to fix that and then some, so I guess overall I really don't have much to complain about with this one. My two story gripes, Xion and not showing exactly what Sora did to get Kairi back after she was killed are still with me but the former will, again, be fixed with DLC. Lingering Will just disappearing after intervening Terranort's attack still seems a bit weird to me though.EDIT: OH and Kairi not kicking as much ass as I had hoped she would. I thought we would get to play as her tbh. No I don't think she was useless, just underutilized given all the hype they built up for both her and Axel training in a timeless world for an unspecified amount of time. You'd think she would learn how to unsummon-resummon her keyblade in the other hand to get away from Xemnas! Oh well.Whew, that was a lot longer than I was planning on making it. The further I got, the more I started thinking lol. Better stop now. What do you guys think??
Kh3 outfit switching
I think it Would of been a cool addition if you could switch to the previous outfits from 2 and 1. I personally prefer KH2 sora, the outfit is more unique and the hair is cooler in my opinion.What are your thoughts?
What is your canon for the Disney Rides?
After watching SirSkyward's new video I started thinking about how I would change some stuff and came up with an idea for why Sora summons the rides. My head canon is that while Sora was in Traverse Town after the end of Dream Drop Distance he found an amusement park and just stayed there for the entire time having fun. After he realized that he needed to come back, he started panicking because he didn't train or do anything to improve himself, he looked back at the amusement park and got the idea of using the rides as attacks. This would also go nicely with the scene in 0.2 where Goofy asks Sora where he had been and he answers: "Secret". He could be embarrassed about the fact that he didn't do anything besides having fun during all that time.
A GMV for KH3 that was recorded at Olympus. I used the song Eye of the Tiger because i thought it was the perfect fit for this world. Any feedback would be appreciated as i would like to make one for each world :)
Showing off my love for Aqua. She will always be my favorite in this brilliant story. Worked hard on her canvas 💙 Painted by me
How to get through Story Mode?
This game confuses me, could someone help me out? I've been being carried by friend medals to get through the story mode up to this point because all my medals to 1 damage to everything AND everything kills me in 1 hit. But the strong party members just left. I don't care about online meta or anything I JUST want to see the story. What do I focus on/where do I go for the best medals? I'm on level 871 and my character level is 169. Pic is what I generally go in with.
A friend of mine sent me this- he recreated the gummi phone
[KH3]Just ended this man's entire career