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[Discussion] How high are your musical expectations for KH3?
For me personally, I want the soundtrack to blow me through the roof. KH2 already has a legendary soundtrack (BBS is a close second), but I really want KH3's music to be absolutely phenomenal. I hope the orchestra pulls all the strings for this one (no pun intended) and delivers us a phenomenal soundtrack. ​But also, I'm unsure if they'll attempt to cater to a more casual audience. As Skrillex is helping with the theme song, I'm curious if more music in KH3 will be "accessible" for everyone.
[KH358] How did the Organization XIII operate before Roxas?
So Im currently watching Everglow Kh Timeline series (hes doing a great job) but currently he is playing 358/2 days. So he's at the point where Roxas and Axel find Xion and Xion cannot use the keyblade. Roxas asked Axel was there anything he can do and he replied no. So how did they operate prior to Roxas?
[KH3] Personality mixing...
...between Ansem and Xemnas?For very long, Ansem SOD was sort of one note philosopher, with a focus on darkness, no less. Xemnas, while dabbling in the metaphysical nature of hearts and stuff, feels more like a lead scientist. In other words, Ansem SOD is pre-amnesia Terra-Xehanort and Xemnas is amnesiac Apprentice Xehanort, or at least feels like.Given they were once the same, do you think we’ll get more blending of personalities? We even had them switch up in a few trailers with Xemnas talking about darkness and Ansem about Data.
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