Lab Madness

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Lab Madness!!! [TESTING PHASE]

Authots: Alejandro Pérez, John Gómez

Feedback in comments is appreciated

Controls: Move (Arrows Or A,D), Jump (Space), Double Jump (SpaceX2), Run (Shift).

Uncommon things are happening at the town´s Lab....

A crazy Scientist is experimenting with unknown elements... and it seems
He has discovered something he doesn´t even know.

A Plasma Ball has come alive!! with the intention of being the only living one at the lab. In the meantime the Scientist is not at the lab, this Plasma ball will have unlimited power to destroy slimes everywhere. But there are EMP elements that can take its power off, and also nuclear batteries where the Plasma Ball can recover its power back.

Let´s see who ends alive at the end...

Pixel Art Platformer where you are a Plasma Ball, prepared to destroy all slimes in the Lab.

3rd project for the Diploma in Game Design and Development, Arkde, Bogotá Colombia

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Last Modified: Oct 11, 2019

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