Mad Age And This Guy reviews

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Microsoft from Italian
Product received for free Just laid eyes on Mad Age & This Guy snapped into me a mechanism that brought me back to my childhood mind, and in particular the Saturday evening spent playing BomberMan on GameBoy, squaeing my parents ' salaries In stylus batteries and precluding at the same time any possibility of building a social life in the years to come (eventuality prevented only thanks to Mario Kart on N64 and the local multiplayer). The flashback lasts less than a few minutes, just the time to start MA & TG and realize that the game really is not so similar to the beloved arcade weblog HudsonSoft. The Awakening however is not so abrupt: in MA & TG The Mechanics of the game BomberMan (or DynaBlaster that you want) are borrowed and put at the service of what we can define a puzzle game simple but well thought-out, perfectly enjoyable even by More hardened and less prone to logical reasoning * raise your hand * The game takes place in 3 different environments-Caves, Arctic and Castle-each consisting of 18 stages with increasing difficulty: the goal in each scenario will be to guide our Character (This Guy) to the exit, making us wide to the sound of bombs, but also using the semi-viable objects to our advantage. It will Not be uncommon, for example, to use crates to create a safe passage rather than to lock enemies in a corner, or even strategically place barrels of oil to create spectacular chain explosions, capable of shaving at Soil every form of life nearby-you included. While the gameplay is stimulating and rather entertaining (but not in the purely "arcade" term), the graphic sector exhibits a very well-edited pixel-art that gives the game that clean, professional and refined look that Very often we struggle to find in the low budget Indian cauldron. The Audio compartment On the other hand does not get on the same levels, not so much for the quality of the background music but rather for the little variety of the same, as well as for the non-memorable sound effects. BUT & TG is a game that would not disfigure at all in the library of any fan of indie: The strengths are the graphics almost (pixel-) perfect, the well-balanced difficulty of the scenarios and the originality in proposing a mash-up between mechanics arcade and puzzle Game. I recommend It to everyone (better if slightly discounted than the full price), but I want to further reiterate the concept: DO not expect absolutely an old-style gameplay-here we talk about another sport. If you liked this review click "Follow" on the page of the Curator of my group: you will always be updated with my personal advice and reviews of the best titles Indie/retro/roguelite in circulation!