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I've found Anna on a dating site in Saint-Petersburg. She changed name tho.
Are there any row boats east of the train track Volga?
I've been looking for a dang boat on the eastern side of the track that crosses the center of the map for an hour, still can't find one. Of course the one I took inside the factory I can't get back to unless I go all the damn way around to the train and circle back.
Who is this?
Metro Exodus Windows Store version - where are saves?
I'm trying to find user.cfg so I can increase FOV, however I can't find it anywhere. It's not in saved game in my documents, it's not in AppData\Local\Packages and not in ProgramData\Packages. Anyone know where is it?
Caribeaner for zip line?
I’m stuck in this part and don’t know what else to do. You need a caribeaner to use this zip line on a crane but it’s nowhere to be found. After I released the villager hostage, I checked all the Spartans I killed as well as the perimeter. I’ve been I. This pet now for the last hour. Any help would be appreciated
Does difficulty give achievements/ trophies
Hello I'm playing through this and enjoying doing the side quests and aiming for the good ending on my.first plauthrough and was just curious if difficulty affects achievements other than doing the ranger hardcore? Ie on a first plauthrough does it matter if I turn it down a notch for this plauthrough and wont miss out on any achievements ?
Any tips for ranger hardcore?
It's the only trophy I have left and honestly it feels so much more difficult than the other two games, idk if I just haven't played it enough but it truly feels a ton harder. So I'd like if any of you know any tips or could help me some way?
How buggy is the game still?
I had to restart the 1st big level due to an autosave-stopping bug. I was thinking about starting it again, but how are the bugs looking? Should I wait a few more months?
There is a creature in the dam
In the dam level right after powering the generator and opening the door. In the room with the workshop is a what looks like a huge mutated bat, it just hangs there silently. I was expecting it to attack but, nothing! I even shot it a few times. Is this a bug or something?
Is my pc beast enough
I5 8400K 8 GB ramMSI RX580 (8GB OC)To run metro at ultra settings above 60 FPS while recording in 4K 60 FPS Or will my setup need to be changed a bit and upgraded
What race/ethnicity are Damir and Guil?
Obviously they are both russian, but are not slavic and refer to themselves as a separate people. Which of the indigenous russian ethnicities do they belong to?
Windows Store Version Unplayable
I've recently got into the Xbox Game Pass for PC and after a week of trial and error I'm simply not able to play this game.Running it normally would cause a crash right after the intro cinematic. On the other hand, running in Safe Mode causes the 'Could not Sign you into Xbox Live' issue which no matter how many times I try, I cannot bypass.Is there anything even PLANNED about fixing this issue 6 months after the release? Cause I looked up all over the internet and there are lots of people facing this issue.And if it's related to the issue in any way I'm using a 1080ti and a 6700K.