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A Simple request to devs.
Please include Preved rifle. Please Please. Thank you.
Metro Exodus: Aurora Limited Edition is 31% off
Anyone else hoping for Fallout like endgame?
With "endgame" I mean that I want to play the shit out of this game. I want that the world to be rich and full. I don't even mean mod support - I just want to roam around and find new stuff and quests in this game. It looks so immersive.I know it'll be hard to make in a semi open world game. But it would be dope if the devs find a way (please just not try to force it via PvP. I want PvE "endgame").
Metro Exodus gameplay in RTX mode - 4K HDR 60fps
Will the Aurora edition be available for pc?
Any one know? I'd buy it in a heart beat but the website just says there's no retailers (US btw) although, there is for other countries. I'm gunna be hurt a little if I can't I love the metro series.
Metro Exodus Gamescom 2018 Trailer Analysis And Conclusions that I came up with
Metro Exodus - Gamescom 2018 Trailer (Official 4K) - #HypeTrain
Metro Exodus running on a NVidia 2070 with RTX enabled.
Metro Exodus: Aurora Limited Edition - pc - phyiscal edition - HElp find a copy
Hello,So i want to pre-order the Metro Exodus: aurora Limited edition pc (Phyiscal copy) but the team for metro Exodus have said the UK wont be reciving any copies, Does anyone know where i can get hold an english verison of the gmae if possible?Thanks!
You can now pre-order Metro Exodus!
I Know the meme is dead but this...
You guys DO know a train that's almost exactly the same as the Aroura exists, right?