Mortal Kombat 11 posts

Please this mask and skin needs to be back in this game mortal kombat 11 please NRS!!!! Best sub zero design ever created
Anybody remember this gem?
If any of you decide you want a little peek at the spoilers page, don't. People are posting major spoilers in the title.
Figured I would warn some who were thinking of checking it out.
Shao Khan's taunts have in game effects!
Mortal Kombat 11 - Official Nintendo Switch Gameplay Reveal
Ed Boon: Shang Tsung is MK11’s first DLC fighter. Can you guess who is #2?
When you hear Shao Kahn's catchphase is back.
When You Go Golfing With Your Friend!!!
Those who pre-ordered are obligated to do this in a mirror match.
New Stage (DAMMMN)
Isn't it gorgeous? They really worked hard on stages, I literally say "DAMN THIS ONE LOOKS AWESOME" when I see a new stage, thank you Ed, and of course thanks to your team as well.​​
Steelbook Edition looks AWESOME !!!