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Mortal Kombat 11 posts

This is probably my favorite Shang clip so far.
Sit still i want to see something
Why does almost EVERY Kung Lao I've faced play like this? Lmao. Keep throwing out teleports even though they don't work (Tech for people struggling against his 50/50 teleports)
Big thanks to the Scorpion players out there, I couldn’t have done it without you! (sorry for photo quality)
The enormous improvements made to character details in 4 years
Thought it'd be a cool way to showcase my Sub-Zero outfits & ending on the MK11 classic
Shao: Tarkatans are dogs, bred to serve Tarkatan: Nah fam I’m out
Still waiting for these Shang Tsung & Raiden skins.
FINALLY found me some sweet loot from the Krypt!
I'm drawing the female kombatants! Wish me luck to finish it! :D
Don't know about you but this smile alone impregnated me.
I loved Baraka’s role in the story
Yeah he was still kind of a jobber but at least he had a bit of depth and motive with his desire to help out his people and become a goodish guy in the end. I wish other villains had similar treatment.