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(Only Russian ver. avaible now! Translation in progress!)

The main hero lives in old decaying village somewhere on the edge of giant swamp. Locals spend all their time hard working, gathering medical swamp plants, day by day digging in the silt.
The hero would be happy to leave this dead swamp, but he(she) can't leave old mother with her bog garden behind all by herself.
It seems that he(she) stuck in this place forever… or not?


(prototype 02) It is a single player game in a "Visual novel" genre. The game will have possibility to choose protagonist gender.
The main character gender will affect possible in game romances. There will be 3 male and 2 female characters to choose as your love interest and pursue love line with one of them.
We want to create full in game animation for main characters and possible some light animation for additional characters.
Plot length will be 10-15 walkthrough hours, 2 main plot endings and 2 endings for each love interest.


- Characters animation;
- More than 15 alternative endings on the way;
- Affection system (characters and plot);
- Random events;
- Original music;
- You can find coconut! (... and lot more);

The game is being developed using: Tyranobilder, Live2D. Right now novel in a prototype stage, plot skeleton is ready, also examples of few main characters, background and few musical compositions.
Right now we do not intend to do some voice acting =(
Language: Main language English and Russian

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Not rated
Nail_iT_demo screenshot, image №1077778 - RAWG
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Last Modified: Jan 9, 2019

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