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Because I don't want to increase the game's load time by put in a text document, I'll write everything you need to know here. If you want to learn more about the game, there's a wiki page.

So this is Ô ăn Quan, a Vietnamese game for children but also played by adults and even elderly people because it requires counting, calculating and strategical ability.

The ten squares, 5 for each player are called "citizen square" and the two semicircles are called "Mandarin squares". At the start of the game, each citizen square has 5 small stones or citizen pieces and each Mandarin squares has 1 big stone or Mandarin piece. A Mandarin piece is equal to 10 citizen pieces. The goal of this game is to capture as many pieces as you can.

You can set the first player (you or the bot) in the start game menu but remember, the first player has a big advantage. Bot difficulty should be between 1-7, bigger value is fine if you have a powerful computer.

You perform your move by holding a citizen square on your side and drag it left or right to pick up all the pieces in that square and distribute it 1 piece per square for the next squares clockwise or counterclockwise. If there's no stone left to distribute and the next square isn't empty and isn't a Mandarin square, you pick up all the pieces in that square and continue to distribute. Otherwise, if the square next to it isn't empty, you capture all the pieces in that square. If the square next to the captured square is empty, you capture all the pieces in the square next to it. Your turn ends when the next square is a mandarin square or 2 next square is empty.

The game ends when both Mandarin squares are captured. When the game ended, you captured all the citizen pieces on your side and whoever captured more pieces in total win. Your score is the amount of pieces you captured and on your side minus the amount of pieces the other player captured and on their side.

Download the windows version to play with uncapped bot difficulty.

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Last Modified: Apr 24, 2020

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