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I'm gonna play all the resident evil games I own on a new play this month. Re4,Re2,RE7,REmake,Rev2,Code VX
Should I be Chris or Jill?
RE2 Remake Save Room (Thoughts?)
https://youtu.be/fiNaGA0RXDUWhat do you guys think of the new save room theme? Personally I think it fits perfect in this game. It’s dark, ambient, feels like you’re escaping the despair for a brief moment only to jump right back into it. Idk why this theme resonates with me so much. What are your thoughts?
AVGN made a new video, here is my edit, basically summarising my issue with Remake (and other old RE Games.)
Resident Evil: Vendetta
Why was the mansion still existing when it clearly exploded in Resident Evil 1??
Resident Evil 4 Mine Thrower
Recently started playing Re4 again to give myself a dose of Leon before Re2 remake is released. And as always, the first chance I get, I bought the mine thrower. I love this weapon, ammo is practically given to you all the time for it if you don't have 7 or so already in your inventory and a full clip, and the mine thrower turns Saddler into a baby sucking his thumb fight. I've seen maybe people bash this weapon, even though it's basically a grenade launcher and will maker short work of anything it touches. So let's start a discussion about it, as is customary on reddit, and I want to hear why you hate or or love it.
Thought i would live out some nostalgia before the new RE2 game launches.
Should I be worried?
Weekly Unpopular Opinion Thread
Though we are all fans of Resident Evil, sometimes, we just don't like something about the series. What is your unpopular opinion about the series? Please remember the civility rules, and don't downvote. Remember, this is an unpopular opinion thread, upvote opinions, even if you disagree with them.
Resident Evil 2 REmake Crimson Head New Enemy Possibility!!!
Rewatching the Operation Raccoon City trailer, I noticed someone familiar. Tyler-103
Trying to stream Resident Evil 7 on PS4 Pro Twitch and all I get is a blue screen on the stream
does it have to do with HDR? if so how can I make it work? thanks