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Serum and Necrotoxin (RE7) question
On my first play through and hoping im understanding this rightSerum is a cure from d samples used on E infected. And necrotoxin is a destroy E infected host?
My Daughter custom paints hydros, thought you guys might enjoy.
Is it just me, or does the gatling gun in RE2 have surprisingly low stopping power for how quick it tears everything apart?
Aside from Mr. X, this thing doesn't seem to stop very much. It will kill zombies too quickly for it to matter, but the lickers won't give a shit when you shoot them unless you have the range on them, which... they're lickers.
Simple Ada Wong Render (unused design from 6)
Our *business* is life itself.
(Please read me)
I have a question regarding item box upgrades in professional mode when do you get the large upgrade and XL upgrades respectively
Steve Burnside. Gotta give the kid credit for having no fear.
Needs more zombie elephants caw caw
Lore expreoler achivment
in resident evil 2 remakes I want to get this achievement whoever I want to know if I need to go back and collect every single file or the one I have not picked. Sorry if this isn't the place for the question!
Leon RE6 Portrait Illustration
Ah shit, here we go again
Would you be mad if they redesign Jill for RE3 Remake?