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Welcome to the halls of Latin House!

The best dorm (that you can afford) at the greatest college (that would accept you) in the entire country (Not counting the parts that aren't here). Okay, maybe we're overselling it.

Either way, you're invited along with either Max or Anne as they make their way through the first year of their college experience.

They'll share their dorm life with four other tenants as they pick their class load, pick their jobs, and maybe even pick someone to have a little extra curricular fun with.

Neither of them can get through college without you, so who will you help? Rock god Max or Book-smart Anne? Between bitter tenured professors and a ridiculously distracting student body, it's going to take everything they've got just to make it to year two.GAME FEATURES
  • Play as Anne and romance Dominic, Rakesh, Max and Isabella
  • Play as Max and romance Sally, Anne, Isabella and Rakesh
  • Hilarious light comedy writing guaranteed to make you laugh
  • Life simulation gameplay with full scheduler and stats raising
  • OST by Leetstreet Boys including the main theme "Name In Lights"
Release date
Winter Wolves
Winter Wolves
Age rating
Not rated

System requirements for Linux

  • Processor: 1 Ghz
  • Memory: 512 MB RAM

System requirements for PC

  • OS: Windows XP
  • Processor: 1Ghz
  • Memory: 512 MB RAM
  • Storage: 50 MB available space

System requirements for macOS

  • OS: Mac OS 10.4
  • Processor: 1Ghz
  • Memory: 512 MB RAM
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Last Modified: Sep 17, 2019

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Roommates reviews and comments

Translated by
Microsoft from Deutsch
The Game is probably one of the best VNs I've ever played. It maintains quite well, even if it has to contend With the same problems as any other UN ... The Replay value is not gigantic or there is no Reason not to skip the same Dialogues while playing again. Because of the UN could have been a little longer and the Selection of characters could have been greater, but all in all I spent some Time playing the Game and liked to do so. The Dialogues sometimes make you smile. The Characters, on the surface, all operate a particular Cliché ... But not for nothing is there the Saying that the Sham behavior can. The Ends vary more or less widely and are a Matter of taste. I Wasn't always;).
Translated by
Microsoft from Deutsch
Well, I had high hopes after reading all the reviews, but... after 30 minutes playing "The Beginning" and constantly staring at the screen just reading text (with only 2 interactive parts) - I just cant go on. I physically cant read any further - my brain hurts. So I dont know if im ever able to finish this. i kinda feel bad for making a review after the first 30 minutes, but I wanna warn any of you who's not into reading - its nothing for you. It basically is a novel, not much interaction, not much simulation, not much dating. But for a visual novel there's one thing that bugs me: The visual. All the characters are ALWAYS staring at YOU (reader) and not your character who is actually interacting with them. So you cant tell: Did they try to make a dating simulator but messed up the pacing or did they try for a visual novel but messed up the artwork? I personally cant get into the story of my character cause all the others basically ignore her and stare at me instead. So I want to interact, but cant and have to listen to my ignored character. To the characters ... they seem totally chliche and boring to me. Shy girl - doesnt like to talk and wants to study Nice guy - Nice, kind and plain Bad guy - never did anything bad, so he's just a second nice guy Vegan Girl - Everything's tofu Artist Guy - Weird and loves to paint Active Girl - She just says what she thinks-type (The only person who isnt a complete loser) This Game really doesnt get me to like or wanna date any of them. Especially if they are constantly ignoring your main character. Its so hard to look at. For a dating sim: - Not enough interaction - Not enough different characters to choose from For a Novel - Way too boring beginning - strange visuals - Pretty okay characters Maybe its getting better, but in my opinion its defenetly a bad beginning ...
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