S3R-V3R R00M (Ludum Dare 39)

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Server Room is a game about managing a server room during a blackout. At least it looks like one. I don't know how games about managing servers during blackout work, because I never saw one. This is probably the first one. 

Manage your servers,  connect only the most important sites to the servers (also those that will give you money), buy cheap Chinese stuff from CheapExpress and engage in all kinds of shady activity, including blackmailing, spreading ransomware, and hoping that your boss won't see that.
Don't forget about power, because if you run out of it, it's the end for you!

This game was rushed. There's still stuff unfinished and missing, like:
- exploding power generators
- achievements
- a proper title screen
- a proper title theme
- expanding the shady activity part - selecting which site to deface
- accepting illegal sites makes police visit you
- interactive tutorial

(C) 2017 Adrian Makes Games. Made for the Ludum Dare 39. Walking sound by Fantozzi. I don't condone the shady activities shown in this game.

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Adrian Makes Games
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Not rated
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Last Modified: Jan 9, 2019

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