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Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice posts

General Tenzen Yamauchi finally
I love this game but I am not sure why because it is the most challenging and rage inducing game I have ever played. The feeling of accomplishment after defeating a boss goes a long why which is probably why I love it. I know the general is nothing compared to other bosses but after learning the game and item utilization this guy was easy. Only took me 30+ tries probably 😂 firecracker dash FTW
How do y’all get the platinum trophy tag next to your name?
I got mine on 4-20 #blazeitninjas
Just beat Owl(father)
Just beat the old man and I gotta say, it feels good to be part of the 5.66% of people that beat him on Xbox. That means, all bosses beaten, now for just 2 more endings.Took me 2 hours to beat him.
Genichiro first boss
So I watched a video ahead of time on how to beat him and I go in thinking that it will be not as hard after watching and he just mows me down after a couple minutes. What was I supposed to do against this guy? I can't even get the plat now since there's this one trophy that says you have to beat all the bosses.
I managed to capture the exact moment Owl Dad rethought his decisions
I always got the impression that you could see an 'i can't believe you've done this' look on his face when you Mikiri counter his thrust, and went to review a clip and captured this.​https://imgur.com/a/JINI6z7
Guardian Ape quickly dies without landing a single attack on Shura. [Charmless/No Damage/Bell Demon/No HUD]
https://youtu.be/QpPZnDP43EMTried a different strategy for defeating Guardian Ape. My previous strategy can be found here: https://youtu.be/9_e7gWTTz-wThe overall strategy remains the same, attack the posture, not health. The approach is different this time around. The Headless stage can be improved further, maybe in the future. Guardian Ape is soon becoming one of my favorite bosses in the game :D and Bell Demon+Charmless experience is extremely pleasurable. I wish I started it earlier.Which boss/mini-boss should I do next?
Shinobi Prosthetic Tattoo
Hello boys this post will probably be removed because of lack of interesting title but I’m currently working on a shinobi prosthetic tattoo for my arm with a good friend who’s a tattoo artist. I haven’t seen any examples or anything of other people trying it so I was reaching out for examples if they exist or suggestions of cool ideas to tweak it.Please feel free to reach out to contribute.
Charmless "SL1" Run: Owl (Father)
Quite a grind with no attack power. Took me forever to get the Shadowfall deflect down. Sorry for sound quality (lack thereof).​https://www.twitch.tv/videos/451057350​Still working on Churro Man and the Glock Saint.
Help! I am about to beat Sekiro a second time but 1 enemy I don't know how to defeat!
Hei guys so as stated in the title I have already beat nearly every boss twice (except past Owl, own him right now).Aftet I got the Fathers Bell I defeated the mini boss and encountered this big dude with a shield. How do I defeat him in combat? I always assassinate them. There is one at Senpou Temple aswell.He charges you and comes hitting like a truck! Loaded axe doesnt work, jumping over him doesnt work... i am helplessly lost against this guy. Honestly harder than any miniboss haha
Whats a good way to dodge Shura Ending Isshin’s ground fire?
I can for the most part dodge everything else, but the ground fire is what gets me. I’ve made it a point to try to wall jump, but even on the rare occasion i dodge the fire the sword flicks get me. And if not that, the final sweep
Looking for some all around advice.
So I'm hoping for some advice. I've been playing Sekiro for a few days now and its hands down my favorite. I really enjoyed all the dark souls series but this one is pretty damn good. Anyway I'm stuck on 2 bosses right now and I'm just repeatedly dying and damn it sucks lol. Any advice on what I should do? Should I go to the trainer and just train more. I think I'm mostly having problems blocking. I seem to get hit a lot. Oh and the bosses I'm on right now is the Mini boss drunkard and the boss Oniwa. I can get Oniwa to the 2nd phase but after that he kills me. The drunkard I havent even got him to the 2nd phase. Even with the Npc help lol. When I get Oniwa to the 2nd phase I start to panic which is exactly what I would do in the souls game lol. Thanks guys.
Probably the Sword Saint when he was much younger
Sword of Doom, 1966Except this guy became Shura instead.