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Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice posts

Is it wrong to expect this game to be From's best yet?
No PVP, no co op meaning there is no more inconsistent balance. As they have said in interviews, they can make the pve as amazing as ever. I'm expecting lots of secrets, bosses etc. An amazing pve basically.
Painted a scene from one of the earlier trailers for Sekiro
UK people: how is the gameplay?
I know that starting from today you can test the game in specific locations. How is it? Do not spare any details.​Would someone kindly video it?
Sekiro demo speed run(2:49, from the beginning, including boss fight)
(ps.Please excuse my poor English.) This player is Qttsix He beat Sekiro Demo in 3 minutes​this video is no sound https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3eYUTKfRXqk
Ive just noticed that in the offical sekiro web page the promo photo for the collectors edition is changed. Everything looks more real than before,and the map's look is changed completely.
PS4 Theme
It advertises it as the buildings on fire but it's just the cover of the game for me. Is there a way to change it or is it like this for everyone and they have the screenshots wrong on the pageEdit: apparently there are two separate themes. It only downloaded the cover theme for me I had to go look up the Hirata Estates one. I'll leave this here incase anyone else has this problem
General Tenzen Yamauchi of the Ashina clan demands a keen eye.
Quick question
Do you guys know what time the game is gonna be released like is it a midnight release? I ask this because I all ready have prior commitments on the 22 but I also want to get a first addition physical copy.
As a From Software newbie, would you guys still recommend me playing Sekiro?
Hey guys! I have never played any of the souls games, mainly because I constantly read how insanely hard they are supposed to be. Sekiro though has caught my interest. I'm just worried it could be way to hard for me to enjoy it. Don't get me wrong, I actually miss challenges in many modern games. I don't need to beat a boss first try to not lose my temper. I probably just lack experience in hard games.
Sekiro inspired enemy design I made shortly after watching the monk fight for the first time months ago
Sekiro is almost here. I have one game and one series recommendation for the samurai hype we all are now experiencing. Shadow Tactics : Blades of Shogun and the Kingdom series. You propably know the game, but definitely check out the series.
One nitpick - "Wall Death Blow" issue ?
3:40 minute mark.This was an issue in previous Tenchu games but got rectified in 3 surprised it carried over to Sekiro lol but he kills uses the BLUNT side of the sword with blood spraying everywhere. I know it's no big deal, not aiming to be realistic, is fantasy etc. can't help but slightly cringe at it lol did anyone else notice this? It's the only thing that bothers me slightly, I hope this isn't in the final build of the game and they fix this. Did anyone else notice this small detail?