Urban Pirate (Free Early Access Demo)

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Final game for Windows out now on HumbleBundle and Steam.

This is the early beta build and features some of the main game mechanics, surprises and plots.
Turn-based, urban crime simulation:

  • Quit your job and turn to a life of urban piracy
  • Survive hunger and insanity by shoplifting, skateboarding and dumpster diving
  • Upgrade your pirate with new skills and equipment
  • Rave and riot!
  • Get your adrenaline going in the minigames (Escape-the-store-detective Level, Fight-the-Cops Level, Gamble Level, Street Skate Level + much more)
  • Original 8-bit soundtrack
"Going for a very unique visual style and a chill background of jazzy chiptune, Urban Pirate truly looks like a breath of fresh air on the indie scene" - TechRaptor.net

"While many crime games tend to have you exchanging gunfire with police and running people over with stolen vehicles, turn-based sim Urban Pirate is more into shoplifting cans of pop, buying weed, dumpster diving, and skateboarding in the park. It's all still crime, though, so you'll have to be careful as you live out your life as a hardened public nuisance, dodging cops, detectives, and an overly-zealous swat team" - Indiegames.com

"On one hand it is rather uncomplicated; survive a number of days in order to complete a level. On the other hand it is a great mix of action/RPG/sport/time management and much more" - player review, indiegamestand.com (Staff Pick)

* Use Wine[www.winehq.org] to run the demo on Linux and Winebottler[winebottler.kronenberg.org] to run onMac.

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Baby Duka Games
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Not rated
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Last Modified: Jan 9, 2019

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