Waffle Tycoon

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In a world, devoid of waffles, one person will rise up to claim the title of Waffle Tycoon. Use your magnificent waffle-teering skills to fend off the onslaughts of clones and copycats out to take your profits! 

Experience a once in-a-lifetime adventure as you amass the greatest waffle empire the world has ever known...

Waffle Tycoon is a pseudo city-builder game where the primary objective is to fill all opens spaces in the world with your Waffle Shops. Along the way you'll need to build up a strong power supply with numerous Power Generators in order to sustain your rapidly growing empire. However, you're not alone in this quest; many competitors will come out of the woodwork to try and copy what you done. You must exert your dominance over them and show that you are the one true Waffle Tycoon, for if you let let in too much, that may be your undoing.

Potentially Important Notes:

  • If you're having trouble moving the camera around, just hold shift while moving the mouse to the edges of the screen and it will pan the camera in whatever direction you're aiming.


Just in case the in-game controls/"tutorial" don't make everything clear, here are the controls for the game.

ActionControlDescriptionNavigate UILeft Mouse ButtonInteracting with various UI elements is done simply by clicking on them with the left mouse button.Pan CameraShift + MouseHold shift and move the mouse to the edge of the screen to pan the camera in the desired direction.Select BuildingLeft Mouse ButtonYou can select a building in the world by left clicking on it. It will be highlighted in a white outline to let you know it's selected.Cancel BuildRight Mouse ButtonAfter selecting a building to create, you can right click in the world to cancel its creation.FocusFWith a building selected, you can focus the camera on it by clicking the F key.PausePYou can pause the game at any time by pressing P.Deselect BuildingLeft Mouse ButtonWith a building selected, clicking anywhere in the world will deselect it.
Release date
Titanic Games
Age rating
Not rated
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Last Modified: Jan 9, 2019

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