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DE, Can Gauss run on top of Grendel while in meatball mode? Just curious...(repost, now with 99.9% original warframe related content)
Sentient Acessory - Tennogen Armalyst Syandanna by Faven and DebbyIllanes
The fact that Ember can have 3 different fire damage buff abilities in her kit but still barely cross the line of mediocre. I think Fire damage in general needs a rework more than Ember herself.
I'm going to be honest, I'm not completely sure how Heat damage should get changed without it just being a better/worse version of another damage type but something tells me that no amount of number tweaking is going to make Ember revelant with Heat damage in it's current state.
My first time drawing Warframe. Go easy.
Devstream #130 Discussion
Starting soon at https://www.twitch.tv/warframe
Ivara Deluxe and Bow (With the Materials and Effects)
[Mag] Technocratic
Corpus Corp. Security
After 30 (ish) hours of playing I built my second warframe. Been really enjoying the game. Just wanted to share with someone as no one I know plays warframe
Baro Ki'Teer 8/16/2019