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Spider Gwen: Wisp Edition
Interesting interaction with Fulmin and Baro's emote.
Yes this is true
Using the power of Paint 3D, i have figured out why the Mk-1 Braton is so bad!
Party at Iron Wake everyone is invited
Limbo opened a different rift
Extra Credits ‏now has a glyph. For all PC players, you can get your hands on the glyph by entering EXTRACREDITS at warframe.com/promocode or the redeem code section in the market.
Please let us keep the momentum after Wukong's Cloud Walker ends
Feels horribly awkward without it
[Fluff] H Arby Excavation LF Limbo, Gara
After 1k hours on warframe,its still my favorite and most played frame ❤
Efficency goes down way too fast in Elite Onslaught.
You shouldn't have to play Saryn to even have a chance of getting to round 8.I'v been farming the Blazing Ephemera for a bit over a week about 10-20 runs a day and more so than the fact i still haven't got it it's really starting to make me hate this mode when my whole team bails and there is nothing i can do but watch myself fail as the efficency goes down with nothing i can do about it.I'v gotten extreamly sick of playing Saryn in this mode after having done it so much for the past few days and wanted to play other frames, yet it seems no matter what i play if im not nukeing the whole map the second enemies spawn its not good enough to keep effeicency up. Just now i was in a run as Wisp where everyone left round 4 and by round 7 i had 2197kills and was clearing hoards with Breach Surge and Catchmoon spam and yet i failed so easily, like not even close to being good enough to keep efficency up, this is just ridiculous. Since i stoped playing Saryn im failing half or more runs i did in the last 2 days becuase people leave and its just impossible, this really needs to be fixed.
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