World War Z (2019) posts

For the love of god please tell me there is a zombie master type of mode where you control where the zombies come from and when special zombies would spawn etc.
Is Xbox one x 60 FPS?
I want it on pc but I don’t wanna get the game on epics store. If Xbox runs good I’ll play it there.
Splitscreen/Couch Coop ?
Hi guys,is there a splitscreen/couch coop or just online? Would love to play it with my friends, but all together in one room ^^
Release date is here!
Theories on Release Date?
After revealing that they will announce a release date "Really Soon", hopefully this week, what are your guys predictions for when this may be?I originally thought perhaps April but that would put it in direct competition with Days Gone and even though they aren't technically Zombies it may create confusion with consumers or those wanting a strictly Single Player experience. (Side note; Saber Interactive offered to do a Multiplayer mode for Days Gone) My best bet would be early to mid May now.
Will we see this game on STEAM?
I don't like this exclusivity thing on PC. PC has always been an open platform. Epic store is creating toxicity buy buying exclusive and splitting the players not to mention the kind of disaster that store is. Will we be able to see this game selling on STEAM again?
No steam release makes me sad.
Is there any news about the game ever releasing on any other storefront than the epic store?
WWZ to feature PVZ - Players VS Zombies and PVP - Player vs Player across 5 different modes!! Could playable Zombies be one?
Take a ZOOMED in look at the Sniper Rifle.
Stay Tuned Excluisve content is on its way!! President and COO of Saber Interactive teasing an announcement? Release date perhaps!?
World War Z - New Horde Gameplay. AMAZING.