World War Z (2019) posts

Weapon Customization: What to level up first?
In your opinion, what is the best way to go about leveling up the weapons in the game? Do you prioritize starter weapons or do you jump to the better weapons that you’ll get later on down the level? I took a quick look in the search bar and couldn’t find anything specifically regarding that.
Harder on pc or console to insane solo?
Im on xbox. All youtube vids of solo insane are on pc. Is it doable on console?
Dumb question!
A buddy and I are trying to beat any level on insane and haven’t come close. But we were trying to guess how much XP you get for beating a level in the new insane.Could anyone tell us?Thank you!
What level are you?
I am a new player and am just curious where most of yall in this sub are at. I am enjoying the game but seems like a lot of people have tried it and moved on from what I can see. I am around level 12 or so and just stepped up to hard. Really looking forward to completing my first insane or extreme eventually. I have really enjoyed gunslinger and medic, is there a class that is a must in higher levels?Also, any way to turn up the time required before kicking afk players? Buddy cant even go get something to drink in his kitchen.
How do u level up
In pve i been stuck at the same level for a while now. Not talking about class level . For example If i complete the same mission over & over again my level doesn't seem to go up at all?
New to the game, having a question
Is there any way to select a gun to start with? Because I don’t seem to find it, if there is one...
I’m constantly being kicked if I don’t play Fixer or medic on insane
I feel like this is some obvious sign that each class should be looked into. It’s not fun that everyone has to play a support role, sure I could play offline but bots are not that good.
Some big problems with this game
Adding friends ingame?Maybe it's possible but I haven't found it yet. For now I have to add them on the epic store by their name. (which is often just some |||| bars next to each other???)​Autokicking afk players? (maybe I just missed it?)​Matchmaking takes way too much timeWhy a quick match takes 3 mins+ and then we get into a match of 2v2 or a 2v0 and we have to wait on the server for others. Is it really that difficult to get 4 players? Not mentioning that a lot of ppl have high ping which I guess means that they are far from the server. I play from central europe and get 100 ping russians in my lobby. Not that I have a problem with them but this suggests that there are not many regions so why matchmaking takes 3+ mins? Is the playerbase really that low? It's impossible to find out because this game in on the fucking epic store. It feels like that this game is already dead.​Lobby systemYesterday I wanted to play with my friend, we went to quick match and got placed in different teams. How hard can this be to do correctly?​Upgrading class while in queue for matchmaking?So we join a lobby and them queue for matchmaking. After the game and we get back to the lobby then I can't upgrade my classes I have to exit matchmaking. Sure I could just exit matchmaking to do one upgrade but the problem is that somehow after you are in you get matches fast but starting the matchmaking takes a lot of time.​Shooting each otherSomehow my last bullet kills my enemy and his last bullett kills me. At first it was cool to see this. But it happens way too often. We fight and somehow we both die. I guess bullets have a speed but come on we are 1m apart and both die shoting each other with a shotgun.​For this high price these things should be a minimum to implement. It's 2019 not 2004...Maybe they could add more skins (buyable characters, their clothes, weapon skins, different looking melee weapons...) and from the money make new maps. Because now the campaign is really short. A mapmaking tool and a workshop (hello steam) would be nice to have. I'm sure the community would make amazing maps.A little thing: marking things should be more visible, and maybe a little sound effect would be nice.​Some positive things: I was really surprised how smooth this game is and looks great even in low settings, the campaing multiplayer is well done in my opinion.
I’m looking at you, everyone who plays the end of New York 1 and splits up to find the drivers supplies
New player, first game two cheaters
Hi So I just bought the game, played two matches and at the end of the second one I noticed that one of my teammates was flying around the area. Kinda like Quicksilver in X-men. This was the end of the match so I tough maybe it's just a bug. But on the third match two guys were running this hack, one on our team other on the enemy team. Is this normal? There is no way to report these players, their names were literally just squares. I hope it just bad lack and because it's 8 AM here, I actually like the game play.
Ps4 game “not installed”
Just downloaded the game and it is finished downloading. However, it constantly says “please wait until the installation is complete” anyone know how to fix this?
Sniper reward
Hello,I beat all extreme all chapters and I have no idea how to equip the sniper. Help me please thanks.