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2K Games is an American-based video game publishing company. History The company was founded in 2005 after the acquisition of two companies by Take-Two Interactive from Sega. This new company was to manage other Take-Two's development studios and publish their games. In 2007, 2K signed an agreement with Nickelodeon and established a new division that produced on family-friendly licenced titles. In 2018, 2K Foundations was established. This organization builds up basketball courts and public spaces in the communities that need them most all over North America. Operations 2K Games publishes games in Take-Two owned franchises. 2K owns several divisions with each of them focusing on different types of games. The most notable branches are 2K Play, which produces family-friendly titles, and 2K Sports, which publishes basketball and wrestling titles. To sum up, 2K's interests are turn-based strategies, single-player action titles, basketball and wrestling titles, and multiplayer cooperative shooters.
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