Published by Atlus

Atlus is a Japanese-based video game developer and publisher that is owned by Sega. History Founded in April of 1986, Atlus developed games for other companies. The following year, Atlus started the production of entertainment equipment, such as arcade and karaoke machines. Its first game was released in 1989. Atlus later expanded into the arcade market, creating its first arcade game, BlaZeon. At the beginning of the 2000s, Atlus began adding a social element to their games. The example of this addition can be seen in 2011s title Catherine, where the developers gained statistics to show the number of players that made a certain choice in the game. Operations Atlus does not have many game series. However, the studio was publicly acknowledged after the release of its first Persona title, that was later made into a game series. There is no certain focus in the titles developed and published by Atlus. The most notable titles are Persona 4: Golden, Bomberman, and Catherine.