Published by Capcom

Capcom is a Japanese-based game developer and publisher. History Founded on May 30, 1979, Capcom's first product was a coin-operated arcade machine Little League released in 1983. Its first actual video game was released the next year on the NES. The company broke into the home console market in 1985 and made the business its main focus. Operations In the modern day, Capcom is mainly a game developer owning multiple game series, the most notable being Resident Evil, Dead Rising, Lost Planet, Street Fighter, and Monster Hunter. Capcom's publishing efforts are focused on the publishing and translating Japanese-made games worldwide as well as cooperating with Western developers to bring their titles to Japan, such as Grand Theft Auto by Rockstar and X2 by Team 17. At the end of each quarter, Capcom's Platinum Titles list is released. It consists of the games the sales of which exceeded one million units. Capcom also often cooperates with other developers, such as Namco, to develop crossover titles. Street Fighter X Tekken, for example.
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