Published by Disney Interactive

Disney Interactive Studios was a video game developer and publisher. The company is defunct since 2016. History Disney was getting interested in the video game market as far back as 1988. The first games were outsourced to other developers and their quality was low. After the releases of Aladdin by Capcom and Lion King by Westwood Studios, Disney decided to fund the development of games produced by third parties. The company was established in 1994 after the merger of Disney's computer software and television divisions. Since 2012, Disney Interactive Studios was an outsider on the video game market. The company faced massive layoffs and was made defunct by its parental company in 2016. Operations Disney Interactive Studios main field of operation was the distribution of Disney-owned titles. Most of such titles were outsourced by Disney Interactive Studios' parental company to other developers which resulted in poor quality. The most notable games by DIS are Kingdom Hearts series and Disney Infinity.