Published by Feral Interactive

Feral Interactive is an independent English-based video game publisher and developer. History The company was founded in 1996 as an effort to port PC-only games over to Mac and UNIX-based systems. Not much is known about the company prior to the release of Rome: Total War for iPad in 2016. Since then, the company made a statement where it was said that Feral aims to bring triple-A titles to mobile platforms, in addition to MacOS and Linux. Operations Feral Interactive does not own any original property. Instead, the company works on a contract subsidiary basis with other publishers and developers, such as 2K, SEGA, Square Enix, Codemasters, Crystal Dynamics, Firaxis, and much more in an effort to port their games over to other platforms. There is no specific focus on the types of games published and produced by Feral Interactive. It is stated by the company's head that the aim of the company is to have fun first and foremost. Feral Interactive only takes up the games the team enjoys and wants to bring over to other platforms.
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