Published by Paradox Interactive

Paradox Interactive is a Stockholm-based video game publisher. History Originally, Paradox Interactive was established in 1995 as a video game developer that focused on global RTS games. By 1995 it was evident that the studio needed to self-publish its games. The company was split into two parts: Paradox Interactive, that is now responsible for the studio's publishing efforts, and Paradox Dev Studio, which was made a subsidiary of its publishing branch. Operations Most of the games published by Paradox are global real-time strategies. The projects published by Paradox often feature a modifiable game engine and follow a sandbox philosophy, where there is no distinct win scenario and the players are free to explore their opportunities. The company focuses mostly on historic strategies, demonstrating its commitment to historical accuracy. Most notable games published by the studio include Penumbra, Hearts of Iron, and Europa Universalis.
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