Published by Warner Bros. Interactive

Warner Bros. Interactive is a video game production division of Warner Bros. History The company was founded on June 23rd, 1993 in Warner Bros. effort to enter the electronic entertainment market in addition to their presence in the movie industry. In 1995, WBI gave out their first license to Acclaim Entertainment for the creation of Batman Forever. Since then, the company was selling property licenses for other developers to create titles based on Warner Bros. property, such as The Matrix. In 2007, WB Games was established in Seattle. This company took over all video game operations of Warner Bros. Operations The company has a major interest in Warner Bros. licensed titles. The most notable licensed games are The Matrix Online, Enter the Matrix, Justice League Heroes, and Middle-earth series. Apart from that, WB Interactive helped publish original titles, such as F.E.A.R., Injustice, Gauntlet, and Hitman. Although owning multiple studios, WB Interactive does not intervene in their policies giving them creative freedom.
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