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Streets of Rage 4 review
by Basilio Guzmán Gómez

Street of Rage 4 PC Review (Finished on July 28th, 2020)


+Coop Couch play is still amazing as the smoothness playing both with local people or online is still well-executed and the game supports Steam Remote Couch Play. (Finished the game with 3 more players via Parsec).

+Good attention to detail showing some references from previous games and also showing the aging of some original characters taking into consideration the years passed between the SOR games.

+Good combat mechanism upgraded from the experience of previous games in terms of how active the game can be, the numbers of specials to use, the uniqueness of each character in terms of move lists, the ability to pick and use different weapons.

+Good port optimization as this port did not present any issues from start to finish of the game. (Experience may vary depending on PC setup).

+Memorable cast of characters that still hold up their legacy and representation pretty well. There's also the ability to select the roster of previous SOR games in their pixelated form.

+The game offers many chances to replenish health and its focus on combo also helps the process of replenishing lives as well.

+Very good graphic, amazing comic art style, and good overall presentation are definitely a big upgrade since the three previous SOR games.

+Very good OST and sound effects. OST wise is like a mix of the best of the 80's & 90's with some of the contemporary sounds of today.


-A great majority of enemies shown were just a palette swap. If the next title is developed they should focus on diversity in terms of enemies.

-Bad and linear storytelling the ordinary 'Good vs Bad' plot without anything special in the way the story was told.

-Few game modes on top of the restriction of those modes before completing the game, as well as the Maniac difficulty.

-Not sure why all the Super Star Moves have a mini pause. That pause should have been removed.

-Specials still consume health upon activation. They should have implemented a cooldown system or have a separate mana bar.

-The ability to run should not have been limited to some characters but needed to be an ability to be used by the entire roster.

-While combat is good, grabs shouldn't be automatic upon the approach of the enemy. They should have dedicated buttons for that, as the game doesn't use that many buttons.

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