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Deus Ex: Human Revolution - Director's Cut review
by Basilio Guzmán Gómez

Deux Ex Human Revolution Director’s Cut PC Review (Finished on June 6, 2020)

Note*: It is recommended to read the book Deus Ex Icarus Fall, then plays Deus Ex The Fall before playing this game to understand the events that lead to this game, as this game happens 25 years before Deus Ex Game of the Year Edition.

+Augmentation upgrades were neat and very well balanced, as the overpower ones consume a lot of energy and the more needed ones cannot be abused that much.

+Decent graphics. Nothing outstanding, as the models, likes okay and the levels have good details and overall lightning.

+Excellent lore, which is expanded by finding e-books through the game. The books help explains some of the current and previous events leading to the game and some of the background stories of some characters of the game.

+Good emphasis on letting the player search for the side quests through the world. That way, the player is forced to explore to avoid auto-obtain the sidequests automatically. A decent portion of the sidequests is related to the main story, which makes the whole experience a lot more complete and satisfactory.

+Good gameplay mechanism. The game is a First Person Shooter with an emphasis on Stealth and usage of mechanical augmentations as a form of upgrades that can be enhanced and used with a mana-like bar in form of batteries, to aid the player depending on the path chosen whether is non-violent or not. When covering, the game changes to a Third Person perspective to provide a better view of the surroundings. Both weapons and augmentations can be upgraded, weapons with external items set for the weapon in question, and augmentations via items called Praxis.

+Good optimization port. No crashes, slowdowns, graphical, or lighting issues. (There's a minor issue with some models on the ground, that depending on the position, the physics tend to go bonkers sometimes).

+Great story because it reflects a modern version of what we see in today's society (2020) in terms of the power struggle between mega-corporations, with the Deus Ex touch centering on giving those mega corporations enough power to be unmatched by central or global governments. Human Revolution also exercises an emulation of global apartheid by dividing the world in those who support (or were forced) to use the implants and those who do not support such technology, understanding the implications they have for the human if this were about the happen in the real life. Another important aspect of the story of Deus Ex Human Revolution is the role of secret societies playing a pivot role in creating order or disorder in the game's event, such entities like Majestic 12, The Illuminati and beyond, while a reality, their role in the game goes to such deepness as to control almost 90% of the enterprises around the world, which one wonders if the same happens beneath our eyes with the plethora of fabricated news nowadays.

+Hacking mini-game was a nice addition, as it is an improvement from previous games and is not monotonous, as the challenges per hacking level vary. There are also items you can use to auto-complete these hacking portions.

+Multiple endings and a secret ending leading to one of the other games. The secret ending clarifies many things from previous games and the multiple endings give the player many perspectives to think both socially and morally if something were about to happen in real life and what can we do if we are given the same choices.

+Music was great for the atmosphere and the climax of the game. The music contains a futuristic atmosphere both aimed at the stealth sections of the game and also to other sections where something big is happening, whether if things are getting out of the control of Adam or if something of a big magnitude to the plot is discovered.

+New Game Plus is available for replay value.

+Overall good visuals and UI presentation of the game is clean, very well crafted, and in line with the futuristic theme for which the game is centered.

+Resident Evil-like inventory mechanism implemented to avoid breaking the game with so many powerful weapons and items.

+The controls feel very responsive and the game does a good job letting the play with both controller or keyboard/mouse combo enabled since the start of the game, both as default.  

+The game does a great job in question the player moral choice, both to make critical choices and to resort to lethal or non-lethal approaches.

+Very interesting characters. Adam Jensen, the protagonist and methodical chief of security of Sarif Industries tasked into finding the people responsible for the attack on Sarif Industries and the kidnapping of his girlfriend, Megan Reed, responsible of creating a way for augmented people to avoid using special drugs to avoid implant rejection on their body. David Sarif, the head of Sarif Industries, an impatient boss everything a task at hand needs to be completed and the responsible of resurrecting Adam through augmentations. Frank Pritchard, a polemic, somewhat arrogant character, responsible to be the head IT of Sarif Industries and the right hand of Jensen in finding the people causing the many setbacks in the game. The Illuminati representatives, Hugh Darrow, the inventor of the augmentations, a calm and decisive person, initially with the goal of changing the world via augmentations only for his true goal to be revealed in the later portions of the game. Bill Taggart, the vocal supporter of a future without augmentations which in reality is serving a second agenda for the Illuminati and many more.


-Although the story was great, some things were left unexplained and the whereabouts of what happened with some characters are left ambiguous, meaning external information is needed to understand everything offered of the game and how it connects to the current Deus Ex Universe.

-Boss fights were clumsy and brain dead, as the enemy only attacks and hides and that's about it, nothing special in particular. They should have varied the way boss behaves and change the strategy per fight to at least give a uniqueness to the enemies.

-Even invisible, they were enemies not even near the range of Adam that somehow were alerted. They should have fixed this since something similar happened in Deus Ex Game of the Year, where the enemy does not see you and upon a sound is heard, the enemy automatically locates the player.

-Hacking can be very repetitive after a few tries.

-Not sure why the faces of many NPC were the same. They should have implemented variety in the majority of NPCs, as only main characters can be unique in terms of models and face presentation.

-Playing on the controller does not let room for customization and disconnected a decent amount of time. No controllers issues should have been presented, as the rest of the port works as intended. (Xbox Elite Series 2 user here.)

-Some animations were good, but some were bad, like if not tested at all. All the animation should have been on-point.

-The sound sometimes was very low for some conversations and very high in some scenarios. Sound levels should be equal to all scenarios.

-While the DLC content was good on its own, some areas could have been better. Ex: the level design and avoiding the repetitive bio-scanning sequence so many times. Level designs should have been like the normal game levels, where no long loading times were present and the levels do not look the same from one another.

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«Can’t stop playing»
«That ending!»
Translated by
Microsoft from Deutsch
After three Rounds of Play and almost 100 Hours of Play, I have now decided to write a Review on this Exceptional Title. + + Story with Conspiracies and Augmentation Theme offers interesting and quite realistic science fiction, as well as a certain Form of Social criticism, which encourages further Informed information after the game on both Points. + + Varied and unique Side tasks complement the Main Story or tell a small Story of their own, which always fits well into the Overall Picture. + + Thoughtful Level design, with many different Approaches for each Style of Play. Even in the third Round I was able to discover new Areas and Paths for myself. + + Superior Soundtrack, which is always adapted to the Situation and significantly supports the Atmosphere, as well as a good German Synchronization, which fits perfectly with the Characters. + + Moral Decisions where there is no clear right or wrong, but only the Grey Area in between. + + Rededuels where you have to assess NPCs to argue correctly and achieve the preferred Consequence. + Gameplay is well balanced between Action and Stealth, even if there are more lethal than numbing Weapons, all of which play differently. + Hacker Mini-game to turn off PCs, Switchboards and Security Systems is entertaining and so entertaining that I caught myself hacking the Switchboards or PCs despite the code I found. + The DLC "The Missing Link" is seamlessly inserted into the Story In the Directors Cut. Decisions hardly affect the End. -You don't get around killing the Boss opponents in the Main Game, with the DLC Showing the Boss fights to Be solved differently. Verdict: Despite the now 5-year-old graphic, Deus Ex Human Revolution looks well aged and still plays itself awesome. The Story offers some Twists and Themes that encourage you to think and inform beyond the Game. The moral Choices as well as the Speech Duels stand out particularly Positively, as they leave a lot of room for Manoeuvre and there is no clear right or wrong. The Game time, depending on the Way You play, is between 30-40 Hours if you meet the well-designed Side Missions, which I would recommend to everyone. Also, various Documents, emails and PDA offer detailed Background information, which are Very worth Reading and extend the Game Time even further. The Overall Picture is accompanied by the Golden Graphic Style and the towering Soundtrack. Thus, In my Opinion, Deus Ex Human Revolution is an "almost" perfect Game and a clear "Must play" for anyone who wants to experience a film-ready story in the Action-/Stealth genre.
This is an adventure for hours - you have dozens of awesome activities within the game, and they are so addictive! Bet you’ll complete this game more than two times just to finish all tasks and try every challenge. I like stealth and hacking moments so much, along with the story itself. And here are the best boss battles ever!