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Double Dragon: Neon review
by Basilio Guzmán Gómez

Double Dragon Neon PC Review (Finished on 08/20/2020)


+Local Coop is implemented and provides the two traditional ways of hurting the partner or avoid any damage between players. An interesting feature not found in the previous entry is the ability to play Coop online as well. There's also a way of playing as both Robo Bros, which is an enhanced version found in the last level of the game and also Shadow Bros, which let one of the players mimic all the powers collected by one of the players, as each save file is independent of each player.

+The combat mechanism is superb and possibly the best in the series. The game remains as fast-paced and active as previous entries but now players are able to run, have more control over each punch, can do sweeps, rolls, combine specials in mid-combo, grab and throw both enemies and objects and wield weapons. They also add a mana bar in the form of an electricity bar for which the special moves depends to be used and the special moves obtained in the game via dropped cassettes by the enemies were interesting to encourage players to defeat as many enemies as possible, there also a way of obtaining the cassettes by obtaining money to purchase it at the store. Another highlight was the way of upgrading such specials by obtaining special stones after each boss defeat, which further improve the experience of the players by customizing both the specials to use and special stances that improve the stats.

+The game supports both controllers and keyboard/mouse combo from the start and no issues were shown when playing with one or the other.

+The OST is not only the best in the entire Double Dragon series but one of the best of all times in all the beat em' up genre. The high-quality tracks from each stage not only resemble some of the best music of the '80s and '90s, but they also do a deserved tribute to some of the songs of previous entries as well.

+The port optimization was superb. Not only the game does not need much space of storage (from 2.5GB to 3GB) but no crashes were experienced, no slowdowns and the gain maintain a steady 60 FPS on all the levels and no matter how populated the screen is in terms of polygons and effects. 

+The UI, visual presentation, and overall graphics are good. The UI sports a clean presentation with the font of the letters resembling neon ads with a mix of futuristic and 80s style. The graphics of the models are crisp and do a good balance between comic-like style and good 3D composure but also the levels are well designed, improving the way levels were designed in previous entries as well.


-All levels seem to have shops to purchase cassettes, but not all levels have the tapesmith, the shop to upgrades those cassettes. All levels should have included both shops, that way players can purchase and upgrade opportunities more often.

-Credits cannot be removed once defeating the last boss, meaning the player is forced to either force quit the game (ALT+F4) or see the whole credits. An option to skip the credits should have been implemented.

-Not many characters in the game and the ones in it are not that interesting. The traditional protagonists Billy & Jimmy which one appears to be a palette swap from the other without any interesting lines to share. Marian, the girl of the Double Dragons, a girl in distress that was kidnapped and later transformed by the game main antagonist, Skullmageddon, a big build sorcerer skeleton in search of conquering the world and into the destruction of the Double Dragons, again, both characters without any background to share or any interesting lines as well.

-Lives obtained are reset when progressing from one level to another. Lives obtained should have been retained from one level to another.

-Pistols are part of the weapon repertoire of the game but somehow you can only do melee damage with it and not shoot bullets from it. All pistols should have been included a shooting mechanism.

-They reuse many enemies ' assets making at least 50% of the enemies present being palette swaps from one another. More variety in terms of enemies presentation should have been implemented.

-The story was bad and simple. Is the typical "Damsel in distress" plot where the heroes need to save Miriam from Skullmageddon, a skull that initially kidnapped and transformed her into his empress because he felt in love with her and the Double Dragons are tasked to rescue Miriam and subdue Skullmageddon. That's about it.

-While the game three difficulty options, the only initial difficulty available is normal and the other two needed to be unlocked via completion of the game. All difficulties should be unlocked from the start, not after completion.

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Translated by
Microsoft from Deutsch
"I AM YOUR WORST NIGHTMARE! SKULLMAGEDON!" Double Dragon Neon is a new sidescroller beat em up-game of the Double Dragon series that was playable on arcades back in the 80s. The game wants to keep the classic design and gameplay while using new grafics and new platform. ___________________________________________________ ++Story++ The story could not be easier to be told. Your girlfriend gets kidnapped by a skull with the name Skullmagedon. You are your bro are the only guys who can save her. ++Gameplay++ The gameplay is a ♥♥♥♥ing masterpiece, because it actually feels like on old arcades: You are slow, your enemies are slow, but that does not make it boring. You always have enough enemies around to be stressed as ♥♥♥♥ if you play alone. You keep beating up enemies that pop up from everywhere possible. They also use weapons that you can use against them. Magical mixtapes that you can collect and upgrade give the game a little RPG element. Equipped, their different powers buff your stats in different ways and give you special attacks. You also have the ability to evade. Evading on the right moment will trigger the gleam-mode for a few seconds that buffs your attacks by 5x the damage they do usually. ++Grafics++ The grafics are amazing. I would have never believed that a game gets it done to let the characters ingame exactly look like the concept art. Freaking amazing! The setting changes frequently through the game, from city to space, from space to Japan, from Japan to weird laboratory, and from laboratory to enemies stronghold. Everywhere are neon lights, and it reminds of good old 80s, which gives the player one nostalgic moment after another. ++Music++ The music is typical 80s pop and rock. It never gets boring to listen to those songs, and especially on the second mission, I took about 20 minutes to just chill out and listen to the song "Mango Tango - Neon Jungle" from the background. ++Features++ You can play local OR online coop with a one of your "bros". If you do not want to have someone else playing with you, you will not get to have an AI bro; you have to save Mariane alone. Even though that might sound hard, you can make it and it is still fun. But I guess it is just more fun with a bro. I do not know. Did not play Multiplayer. ___________________________________________________ Honestly, Double Dragon Neon keeps what it promises, and it is mother♥♥♥♥ing amazing! Buy this at all costs if you are into arcade beat em up from the 80s! Give me five!