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Renegade Ops review
by Basilio Guzmán Gómez

Renegade Ops PC Review (Finished on 09/10/2020)


+DLC Content was good not only expanding the playable character count with two more characters but they also added a whole new campaign as a continuation of the main one with three additional levels.

+Good graphics, excellent comic style way of telling the story, and UI. Even with the top-down camera, the game enjoys a good degree of detail in both effects such as explosions, the effect from certain weapons, the details from the levels, and the overall graphical fidelity. Renegade Ops tell its main story with a comic style similar to the likes of both DC and Marvel which refreshes the way of telling stories and the UI happens to be in tandem with the militaristic style for what the Renegade Ops is known for.

+Main and secondary objectives were tied to the main story, avoiding doing filler objectives in all the maps, something a lot of games miss the mark from title to title.

+The gameplay is responsive and highly active. Renegade Ops is a top-down dual-stick vehicular combat RPG in which the player uses vehicles to navigate through the designated levels, completing objectives such as destroying targets, grab collectives or rescue prisoners. They are a total of 7 playable Renegades, one of them being a guest character from Half-Life, each one with a unique special. The top-down gameplay is accompanied by good physics and maps of a decent scale to reach the objectives the way the player feels is the best way. Throughout the maps, players can also equip 3 different weapons such a Rocket Launchers, Flamethrowers, Rail Guns, each with a finite amount of munition with the option of recharge such supplies by collecting red ammo boxed from defeated enemies alongside HP. Depending on the map, the Renegades also change their vehicle by mounting a helicopter to continue the action in the skies, another type of vehicle with good mobility, and very responsive controllers. Progressing to the levels, players accumulate scores by killing enemies and depending on how successive the killings, they level up what is a called a damage streak bar that multiplies the scale the score depending on how many enemies were defeated, a score that also helps obtained experiences to level up grating also points to upgrade each character to enhance their ability to new heights.

+The inputs were very responsive no matter if you play with the controller or with keyboard/mouse as the change between one type of input to another is very seamless and with no issues at all.

+While there's no big number of OST, the ones in the game are decent. The mixture of rock and orchestra songs were appropriate for the main topic of the game. Also, the overall sound of the games was very detailed no matter if the player uses headphones, multiple speakers set up, or just the plain speakers from the TV/monitor.


-Bad PC port. The game suffers from random crashes, random slowdowns even on high-end machines, and if you have a controller connected, at least on the experience of the reviewer, the controller needed to be disconnected in order to finish the last stage from the main campaign. They should have corrected all of those issues before launching this port because everything else runs without issues.

-Bad story due to how simple it was. A man by name Inferno appears on the screen of what appears to be something like the United Nations, threatening to destroy the cities of the world if the governments do not cooperate. What appears to be President of the United States was willing to negotiate but Bryant, the leader of the Renegade Ops, says terrorists like that will not negotiate at all and retired from the army, thus creating the Renegade Ops. In their campaign thwarting Inferno's plans, they encountered a girl by the name of Natasha, which at first seemed to be cooperative but later to be revealed that is another terrorist co-plotting world domination alongside Inferno, as the two seem to be working for an organization never revealed in the game. As witnessed in the DLC Coldstrike, when the Renegade Ops was called to liberate civilians on an undisclosed location, the civilians revealed there is a person that goes by the name Coldstrike planning to submit the world to below zero temperatures. Basically the story was the never-ending story between the good vs the evil, this time without anything special to add in-between and not explaining the background of the Renegades, how Natasha and Bryant survived, or anything about the organization for which Inferno and Natasha were working. They needed to expand on the lore, developed a deeper story since it has the elements to be a good story and they needed to explain the events of the game with greater detail.

-Nothing is revealed about the playable characters other than their names, the vehicles they drive and the designated special:

Armand, a dark color pilot of what appears to be a tank-like vehicle with the special of blocking missiles and certain kinds of projectiles.

Blazemo, one of the DLC characters added. A guy with an anti-gas mask and a coat driving an armored rover and use the special called Incinerator, which as the name implies, is an upgraded version of the flamethrower found within the maps. 

Crystal, one of the DLC characters added. A woman wearing a winter coat driving a customized APC and use the special called Force Field, capable of nullifying all the incoming attacks as long as the field is activated. 

Diz, an Asian woman driving an APC with the special called EMP, which nullifies the weapons of the enemies.

Gordon from Half-Life as a guest character, driving what appears to be a damaged yellow vehicle and his special is called Antlions, which summon a hive of antlions, giant ants to attack enemies.

Gunnar, a white man driving an armored jeep with the special called Heavy Gun, which by nullifying his movement, he deploys a giant gun on top of the jeep.

Roxy, a short girl with a mohawk driving a customized truck with the special called Airstrike, that deploy rockets around her area.

They should at least expand on the background of each of the characters and their motives both the Renegades for becoming part of the team and the villains for plunging the world into chaos.

-The greater the resolution selected, the in-game subtitles becomes tiny. They should have implemented a way for the subtitles to rescale accordingly with the resolution selected.

-They missed an opportunity for restricting the 4-player mode to Online play online, while Local Coop is restricted to 2-player mode. They should have implemented a 4-player mode for Local Coop as well.

-The voice acting of the game is not that good. Not only there not many voices from the game but the ones available with the sole exception of Natasha did not felt that natural. Some voices like some of the prisoners, Inferno and Bryant voice were not on par with the likes of how natural the voices for example from Natasha and President Geniawa were presented. All the voices should have been at the same level of high quality.

Other reviews5

Fun game in local co-op.

Nice visuals and effects. Cheesy action hero movie story. A bit more variety in primary vehicles and secondary story choices wouldnt help replayability.

The only big downside is the casual difficulty has no rpg elements or sense of progression since the developers decided to remove it. Bad gameplay decision that also gets worse while trying to switch difficulty requires to start the game from scratch.
Translated by
Microsoft from French
simply excellent I had believed that the keys preconfigure would be galley to take in hand for a Azerty but no it was already preconfigured and hyper simple even for tags that are sometimes hard the it's great ^^ just click on the keys one by one to reproduce the gesture it's true that it's weird without a joystick but it's a pure joy to play it on PC simply excellent I believe the keys preconfigure be hardly to take a position for a Azerty but not that was already preconfigured and very simply , the same for tags that are sometimes hard to do it's great ^^ click on keys one by one to reproduce the gesture it's true that it's weird without joystick but it's a pure welfare to play on PC (sorry for my bad English)
Translated by
Microsoft from French
WOOOHOOOOO!!! That's what I wanted to say after the first hour and a half of the game! And frankly it sums up the game well. Basically it is a twin stick shooter completely uncomplexed of the explosion (Michael Bay would be proud) with a small physque on the vehicle to simulate the driving (very arcade anyway) that gives a special flavor to the gameplay! The choices of characters are mostly choices of secondary power (I advise the air strike of the punkette, for more explosions still) and the scenario is a very big action film cliché of the years 80, but with this kind of game that's what it took! If you find it cheap, jumped on it, it's the most total fun! PS: good on the other hand the VF is DE-GUEU-LASSE; If you understand English switched to VO
Translated by
Microsoft from French
Renegade OPS is TPS developed by Avalanche on behalf of Sega, it puts you in the shoes of one of the "Renegades" charged with having to put an end to the terrorist threat of a certain Inferno. The squad that we run makes me think a little about the expendables, except that one is in vehicle, whose handling is not great. The game can be played in co-op and is focused on scoring, well I'll confess that I had a nice time on but very clearly not unforgettable. The +: + goes well graphically. + The game is just long enough, not too much or not enough. + Not too expensive (12 € 99 at the time I write) + success not too hard to unlock. + The taking of levels and additions of perf. + Probably fun at 2-4 (I played it alone) the-:-maneuverability a little limited. -Catastrophic doublings, without conviction on the part of the doublers. -A scenario seen and re-seen and characters not especially charismatic (if not at all)-empty servers. Here, I'm not going to lie to you, if you look for a game to blow your steam for a little while this one will be not bad, but as soon as you finish it, you will have forgotten shortly after, I will recommend it but narrowly. 12/20