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Assassin's Creed Origins review
by brettwill1025

I’ve never been much of an Assassin’s Creed fan, but I couldn’t resist giving this game a shot after reading so many good reviews.

Man was I blown away. Everything about this game is incredible. From the combat, to the storyline, to the graphics, they nailed it.

If you’re a casual gamer like myself, there is enough content in this game to keep you busy for a couple of months.

Overall, a spectacular game.
«Blew my mind»
«Can’t stop playing»
Dennis Cortés
I'm a huge fan of the older ACs (I and II) but gave this one a try because of the reviews as well and completely agree. A lot of the older aspects came back and triggered some nostalgia with better graphics.

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9/10 - One of the best Assassin's Creed i have played, i loved the story, the characters( Bayek!! <3 ), the seting of the game.
«Blew my mind»
«Can’t stop playing»
The narrative is sustained a lot in the historical events that almost nothing remains original. And try, but try hard to be a The Witcher 3, but it doesn't have the level of detail and effort that is worth it. For these reasons it is incredibly not bad, they said 4 years of development that yielded a "good" close to an "ok" but a little better. This game strengthens my idea that Ubisoft is a game assembly factory like some studios working together, which reflects in games almost "soulless".
Its got to be up there in the top for playability.
«Blew my mind»
«Just one more turn»
Most of my reviews are mostly positive, even lower tier games, because I like gaming and try to play games that I’ll like. This one is not. I’ve played every Assassins creed game before this except for syndicate. I was a bit fatigued of assassins creed games so I didn’t play this one till around the time Odyssey came out but I was always interested because it received good reviews and they made it sound like they changed up a good number of things to make it fresh. They did change up a good number of things, I don’t think they helped. Origins feels very empty and boring despite having a ton of content. This game is an example of why a large map isn’t  necessarily a good thing. The story is boring and there are so many quests and activities to do but none of them are fun or have any character to them. The graphics are fine but the art style of Egypt is boring. This game was praised as having top quality graphics when it came out and I’m not impressed. The combat and stealth mechanics are no longer impressive in this day and age. The gameplay is not good enough to carry to this game. I was very disappointed. It’s a rare game that I started and didn’t finish. I tried three different times to get into it and probably played 16 hours over those three periods so it isn’t like I didn’t give it a chance. It just wasn’t for me. 

Final Score: B
Really surprised how much I got sucked into this. I was a huge fan of Unity and disappointed they took a new direction with the series, but man this really was a good shakeup. Really felt like the open-world Zelda game that Breath of the Wild should have been: leaned strongly into religion and mythology, plenty of tombs - and even some First Civ tombs - that had some light puzzle-solving and exploration, decent loot rewards especially legendary items in the endgame, sidequests that are actually worth a damn (the Phylakes and Stone Circles quests were great, game-long sidequests and even some incidental sidequests put freeform exploration and (very minor) overworld changes towardthe forefront). Yeah, this is nothing like AC Unity, the Ezio games, the Americas games, or even the first game, but it takes this new formula and really runs with it. The overworld of The Witcher, skill tree and stealth action somewhere between Far Cry and the original AC games, aesthetic reminiscent of Zelda, all with the two of the best AC protagonists (even Layla was pretty cool for the little bit we did see her) and some pretty direct callbacks to the first handful of games that I've been waiting a literal decade to see in-game. For a series that has reinvented itself a bunch over the years, they really know how to take a formula and run with it.

I only played the Hidden Ones DLC and thought that was a great epilogue, too. It managed to be a relatively bite-sized follow-up to the main campaign that maintains the same somber tragedy of the main characters and also connect their story to the rest of the series. I wish there were more to do after the main campaign - the Phylakes and Stone Circles sidequests are absolutely worth doing, but there aren't many more involved sidequests other than those. There are some high-level endgame events you can do (war elephants, gladiators, First Civ tombs), but I didn't find them as fulfilling as the main quest or DLC. But all good things must come to an end and this is one of those times.
«Can’t stop playing»
Great evolution of the saga
Gameplay 10/10
Story 10/10
Graphics 9/10
Soundtrack 7/10
Sound Effects 8/10
«Blew my mind»
«Can’t stop playing»
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Microsoft from Deutsch
Assassin's Creed-what have I gone through with you? Holy Disc Master ... Even before Part 1 appeared, I was already Fire and Flame after the Trailers. Thief went to sleep of his Time, Splinter Cell deteriorated with "Double Agent" of his time in my Opinion And somehow had to get back a 3rd Person Stealth Game-AC with his smooth Movements, the sheer boundless climbing, the FreeFlow motion mode and at all: NEXTGEN, Oida! ... Until then the total Disillusionment spread wide, because the redundancy factor in Mission design Was so abnormally high that I lost patience again and again in the Series (Part 2 brought a breath of Fresh Air-the two addon parts afterwards, however, stretched the Innovation Waiting Time Again-Part 3 was really class, where part 4 again exhausted the new Feature of the Predecessor = Cruises to the point of Reflection and The Series with Unity and Syndicate here and there tried something, but the series to Annual update ideas experiment was and we Customers the Test Users). The Ubisoft formula dug its Roots deeper and deeper into the Triple-A Brands of Ubisoft, proving that Even Far Cry became more and more of a shadow of itself (Part 5, in my View, has been the weakest, if thematically promising). And then Came Origins ... High-class graphics, unused Egypt Scenario, large skilltree, Diablo-like Locome-gathering factor, Tons of main and Side Quests, where both mostly excel with individual Content (a few small Sidequests as well as a few unique Bosses in the I really liked the main Campaign!) And a gigantic Map with many unique Places comes up where collectible stuff can not only be quickly Bagged (press button = finished immediately), but also the Comfort of Finding is extremely laudable by Sonar Wave. Although the Story weakens again and again, becomes lengthy and wise, the well-fitting love Affair goes to me on the Pointer, Bayek himself remains characterless and uninteresting and both the sometimes far too huge World unfortunately waits with a little too generic Work "Escort!," "Kill!" Or "Save!" Missions, all of which are off the Mark. Here and there as in The Witcher become investigative, ok-the Step to the big CD project Competitor is done, but still a long way from it. In principle, the Class and Excitement of Witcher-Cutscenes as well as the Charm of the acting Figures is never reached in a way. Still, the Game didn't let me go AND I had to uncover EVERYTHING in The Main Game and in the DLCs in places, FULFILL every Sidequest and mesh myself through Tons of Enemies-AC Origins has truly saved the Series, but is still a long time long ago with its own Learning Curve Not in the End. Odyssey is already out-far too fast in my Opinion and not viiiiel Better either, according to GameTwo's report. We'll see. My Report will follow-and definitely put that In Perspective. Now Turn Far Cry around and expand AC and slowly but surely the dusty Brands will again be as big as they originally had:)
Probably the best game in the series after AC 2.
«Can’t stop playing»
Well, I was on the wrong Ubisoft game bandwagon.

Far Cry 5 was a horrible disappointment that I was eagerly waiting for midnight to play the nanosecond it was available.

This, I slept on for 6 months, picked up on sale, and then couldn't put down until I finished every single achievement, including those in the DLC.

Best AC game in a long time, and people really should check out the tours.
«Can’t stop playing»
«That ending!»
I wasn't expecting much from the latest addition to the AC franchise, but this game honestly blew me away. I play it every single day, and even when I'm not playing it I'm consuming various types of content about it. The world is ridiculously detailed, the combat isn't overly difficult nor overly boring, the narrative is more thorough than previous AC games and the graphics are out of this world. This is hands-down the best Assassin's Creed since the Altair and Ezio days.
«Blew my mind»
«Can’t stop playing»