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Copoka review
by mentalmynx

Platform: PC (Steam)

Playtime: 3h 18m

Completion Date: Feb 01, 2021

Popular Review: -

My Review: The characters in the world are a lovely design and the whole place is very pretty. It has some great music too. But it's glitchy as all hell, flight not letting you satisfactorily swoop and swish as you might like with your bird unable to take off from far too many places it can land, and clearly there is such a high expectation that you'll get stuck clipped into the world that it monitors for it and respawns you after a few seconds. But more problematic thing is the story, an attempt to, I don't know, regimes change and totalitarianism. The more accurate might be "bad". In the end, it felt to me more of a piece of apologies for a dictatorship! This is not an open world game; there's absolutely no exploring and you don't gather twigs to build a nest.
«Buggy as hell»
«Waste of time»
«Ugly as my life»
«I could make it better»
«Game over at last!»

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Translated by
Microsoft from Deutsch
★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★-A quiet Walking Simulator in the Air. The Story is divided into 4 Chapters. To complete one, you have to bring all The Collectibles for the nest into the same. In Addition to these, there are also dialogue sequences to be controlled, which, like the Nest Items, are visibly highlighted in order to find them quickly. Even worse to identify are the floating Feathers, still a Collection item that will make you fly faster. With just under 3 Hours of Play a short game, but enough is also enough. I think it's nice, but it didn't captivate me. The relaxed Music is nice too, but it always repeats the same Piece. The City and the City Area are quite lifeless. I, as a Bird, is the only Animal there at all. The Rest are a few People, but not enough to make it seem kind of lively. Probably one Half of the People have wandered off and the other has starved to death. ;) The Fields, Farms and Industrial Areas are usually abandoned. There are some and also a few Townspeople to listen to military Units. On the Whole, however, it is quite uninteresting. The story Development Is predictable at first, the usual, only the Irony at the End I liked. However, the quiet Way across Meadows, Trees and Houses is relaxing. I liked flying the Bird over everything best at all. Running with the Bird was the Worst. In Flight, the Bird can be controlled simply and beautifully, but on the Ground it seems rather drunk, because the Controls are too sensitive. In addition, you hang almost every 3 Meters on any invisible Chicane. On a straight Track. Well, the Birdsones are probably too short. I played with the Controller (Xbox 360) and the Force Feedback was not disabled Also I couldn't confirm the Control Settings with the Controller. The Selection Menu went up to Reverse controls and no further (would have been down to Apply, Ok). The two Sticks on the Controller control opposite. One controls the Bird, if you push upwards it flies down. The other controls the Camera, since it is the other way around, if you push up the Camera goes up. Subtitles can be activated or are already activated as a Standard. However, not everything you hear is subtitled. The Achievements are virtually free to play by it alone. You only have to control all Light Points (Dialogues, as well as Collective items). Since the Feathers are not relevant to the story and sometimes annoying to look, I recommend one of the Videos from the Community. With my (Radeon 4770) GraKa, which doesn't even meet the Minimum Requirements, I could play on highest settings with 11 FPS xD At the smallest Settings (low) There were 20. However, my Picture was permanently too dark.