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The Slater review
by mentalmynx

Platform: PC (Steam)

Playtime: 2h 31m

Completion Date: Mar 08, 2021

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My Review: Think that this game is a HITMAN game played in FPS camera. With one difference, this game is a waste of time. The enemy AI literally doesn't exist. The stealth mechanics are pretty incomplete, and the game starts to get boring after the first chapter. You can ignore cause of the duration of the game is not too long (I finished it in two and a half hours). Also, the chapters have no excitement, because there is neither an AI to challenge you, nor a killing way that might interest you and you can think about. You take certain steps in order, and you reach the person you are going to kill. There are a few things that it does well, like the sections are beautifully designed and there are a few alternative ways of finishing. But you can be sure you won't want to see them all. I ABSOLUTELY NOT recommend this game; your time is more valuable than this sh*t.
«Waste of time»
«Game over at last!»

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Microsoft from Deutsch
A hitman clone in the Egoper's Perspective describes the Game quite well. It's quite Fun and the 6 Levels are also quite solid. However, the Game is not quite mature either. The Levels are not so big, but I would have liked a Storage Function so that you can try more and even try Things out. And you shouldn't be as far from As many Opportunities as Hitman expects, so the Replay value is also rather low. Plus, everything seems a bit stiff and little alive. For Example, the Party in Level 2 doesn't exactly seem like a Party to me. The Problem certainly has Hitman in part as well, but even so, the Hitman gets a lot better. At least there were no major Bugs and the Game principle is solidly implemented. Everything sounds pretty negative now, but you also have to bear in mind that my Benchmark is just Hitman.
Translated by
Microsoft from Deutsch
Short Faire: Solidly made Indie Hitman Clone from An ego Perspective. As a relatively well-known Indie Developer (Dead Age, Grotesque Tactics, Holy Avatar), I like to write as a Curator about other Indie games to find the Pearls in the Steamgame flood. Games are always purchased themselves. The Slater plays like an Old-school Hitman. Actually, everything really reminds you of Hitman and even the Spokesman of the Client I think is the Original Voice of Hitman. :D For Indie Games it is normally not such a good Idea to stick to Triple A games, because the Problem is always the Comparison with the big Role models, because of the low Budget you can only lose. On the other Hand, I love the Hitman Parts and know to respect the Work of The Indie Developers. There is already a lot of Work in it and you can blurm the smaller Weaknesses. First of all, the Game is definitely Fun and just because I'm waiting for the next Hitman it's a nice Stuff for me by the way. The Missions are well thought out and there are several Solutions Again. So Far no Bugs, only a few Clipping Errors, e.g. that Corpses can sometimes lie between Walls if they fall unlying. What you can complain about: Your own Ideas really contain themselves, a little more Innovation would certainly be desirable for the Developer. However, just the last Missions are well done, habs are now played through. There are weaknesses in Terms Of Animation, you can't expect a Motion capture Studio, but rather think of the old Parts. Manually creating Animations don't go so much better. A Little more Animations would have done the Atmosphere well and, as I said, you must not disturb yourself to trifles, for example, that you can't beat anyone without a lot, but somehow just kill everyone. Which, personally, bothers me personally with the Civilians. xD As Far as I've seen in the Credits, only one Person was responsible for the Game. That would be extreme, especially with all the Graphics, some of which are really pretty and beautifully lit. More Indie Reviews pleasing? Curator Page: